September 3, 2018

Thanks Kirk and Tony, I have been a member of Kirk’s site for about 2 years and have been working on the Set up for impact swing. Kirk’s step by step drills to learn the Set Up for Impact swing have been very beneficial. After seeing Kirk’s video testimonial for Tony Griffin, a certified instructor in Sanford, NC, I contacted Tony since he is fairly close to where I live, to see if I could schedule a 2 hr Lesson with him.

Tony and I started on the practice tee. He asked me about my game. I told him what I thought were my biggest problems, mainly pulling most of my shots to the left and not making solid, crisp contact with my irons. After watching me hit a few shots, Tony took a look at my grip first and made adjustments. Even though I have watched Kirk’s videos for grip and set-up, I had my right hand too much on top of the club. After adjustments, shots improved almost immediately. Tony took some video and showed me that I was swaying a little on my back swing, sliding forward on my down swing and not retaining my lag. (Tony and I reviewed this video on the practice tee but he also e-mailed me Face on and down the line videos with instructional commentary) Keeping my head back on the down swing and feeling like my club was “Limp Rope” at the top of my back swing helped greatly. We did some chipping drills to reinforce turning your body to move the club.

I’d say within 30 mins I was consistently hitting some nice, high 7 irons. All totaled, Tony spent 3 hours with me (Tony enjoys teaching). We had covered 7 iron, 5 Wood and Driver on the practice tee, went to the course with my swing improvements to practiced a couple approach shots, got some bunker instruction and ended with putting instruction. I have a good road map now on what I need to focus on in my practice/playing and have been hitting much more solid shots since my lesson. So if you are practicing the Set Up for Impact Swing, I would highly recommend getting a lesson with Tony Griffin in the Sanford/Pinehurst, NC area. I think it will improve your game. Thanks, Rich B. Mt Pleasant, SC