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3-Day Learn and Play - Setup 4 Impact golf school info page.



Sanford Golf course

600 Golf course lane

Sanford, NC 27330




Closest Airports

Raleigh-Durham (RDU) International



If you have not yet booked a hotel the recommended Hotels are:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sanford, and Comfort Suites Sanford,

There are also some good Airbnb rentals in Sanford at the following links. Click here for a good local Airbnb option.

Both are about 10 minutes from the golf course and close to restaurants.

Pinehurst/Southern Pines is about 20 to 25 minutes away and has many good hotels.



Tony and I will be looking for you when you arrive at the golf club. Parking is right by the clubhouse and the practice area is around 100 yards away.


More info


We will be following CDC social distancing guidelines for this school.

There are very limited food and drink choices available at the golf club. We will have bottled water available through the school.

Most likely we will be ordering lunch in the morning from a local restaurant and then eating it outside at the golf course.

Sunscreen is also recommended as well as hats as the sun can be quite strong and we will be outside for many hours. Typically I would expect temperatures between 75 to 85 degrees for late May early June.

A lighter golf bag may be helpful as their may be limited help with getting from the car to the driving range. Normally we have a couple of carts for transporting clubs. For the on the golf course part of the school you will either ride in a cart on your own, or couples can share a cart. This may change by the time of the school and we may be allowed two per cart. You also may walk the golf course if you choose.


Membership and Video submission

If you do not have a login to the membership section of the website please contact me and I will set up your lifetime membership account at no extra charge. This is included in the price of the school. This will also serve as insurance that you can fall back on as nobody can remember all the info presented at the school. When you refer back to the website after the school it will make even more sense to you. Plus you will always have the ability to submit videos after the school for my review at no extra charge.

My main goal with the schools is to make sure that you know what you need to do going forward to improve your golf game. How to do the drills properly, how to practice, and also how to submit videos to me after the school.

Please let me know anytime you have a question during the school. It is important to me that every question is answered so that you have no doubt as to what you need to do moving forward after the school. If you find yourself getting frustrated during the school then let me know, or take a break and sit down for a few minutes.

If possible please have the V1 golf app (not V1 pro) on your phone, or tablet. It is free on Apple, and Android devices. If you do not have either it is okay. I will be showing step by step how to use this very valuable technology.

Planned schedule for the school. The schedule can change due to weather or other unforeseen factors.


9am - 12 noon — Range and Shortgame practice 13:30 warm up - 14:00 9 hole playing lesson - option to play additional 9 holes after the school included. Those not playing additional holes can get additional help as needed from 4pm to 5pm time permitting


9am - 12 noon — Swing and Short game training sessions. Customization and video analysis.

13:30 warm up - 14:00 - 9 hole playing lesson - option to play additional 9 holes after the school included.

Those not playing additional holes can get additional help as needed from 4pm to 5pm time permitting


8:30 - 11:30 Swing, short game training.

13:00 - 9 hole playing lesson.end of school around 15:00 - play of 9 extra holes included. Skipping the afternoon session is allowed should you have an early flight out.

The schedule can change due to weather so some schedule juggling can occur.

Contact Kirk at any time through