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In early-January, 2020, I had the privilege of attending Kirk Junge's 3-Day Golf School in West Palm Beach, Florida. Over the past fifty years, I have taken lessons from some of the game's most acclaimed instructors throughout the country, but I can say, without reservation, that the three days I spent working with Kirk Junge stand out as the best golf learning experience of my life. Kirk has a unique way of communicating his wonderful method of play. He simplifies the learning process to the point where anyone can improve their game. After my 3-day experience, I reached a point where I could "feel" the rhythm in my swing. For years, I had struggled with an early release of the club head. By positioning my hands differently on the club and working to swing on a single plane, I now feel the proper sequence and have taken it to the course with confidence. Thanks, Kirk! Your schools are the "best value" going when it comes to golf instruction! Dale P.

Dale P.

Hi Kirk,
I just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous 3 day single plane swing school. I have taken hundreds of hours of lessons in my 71 years and I think these 3 days surpassed any instruction that I have ever received. As we discussed , I have been struggling to find a swing that will give me consistent ball contact to enjoy this game and not adversely affect my aging body. Well, if my progress after practicing your drills and completing this school is any indication, I am sold on this technique.
The other aspects of the school which were so important to me, was how to practice, how to go from practice to swinging without technical thoughts and the ability to send in videos for  your analysis.
Bottom line, after 3 days I walked away with no question unanswered about swing theory, equipment, training aids, practice and mental aspects of golf. I’m looking forward to reviewing my progress with some videos and a lesson after some practice and the real test on the course.
Enjoy your holiday in Germany. Looking forward to talking soon!
Kind Regards,
Paul S.

Paul S.

Hello Kirk,

I switched to the single plane swing 12 months ago, attended your school 10 months ago, broke 80 for the first time with the new swing 8 months ago, shot 75  3 months ago, and today broke par for the first time since my 30’s with a -2 69! Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with the results of the last year, as shooting par or better was a major goal for me when I signed up for your instruction. I knew I couldn’t get there in my 50’s and 60’s with my traditional swing, but now I feel like there are a lot of good rounds ahead.
Best Regards,
J. H.
J. H.