Hi, Welcome to my website about my version of the Single Plane golf swing. My name is Kirk Junge and I am dedicated to helping you improve your golf game.

I have been teaching the Single Plane Golf swing for the past 23 years with great success. My version of it which I call "Setup 4 Impact" is fully customizable for each individual golfer.

My goal for each of my customers is to offer you the fastest improvement possible. I do not want you to spend years trying to copy another person's golf swing but rather want to help you find the easiest way to hit a golf ball for yourself. Lessons and Schools now feature analysis with the Flightscope X3 which instantly shows how the club moves through the impact zone which removes guesswork from the learning process. More info on Flightscope at https://learninggolf.tv/flightscope-x3/

I am trying to help as many golfers as possible which is why I give you much of my teaching system completely for free. There is also no need for special golf clubs. You can begin improving with your existing golf clubs.

Feedback is critical to playing your best golf possible which is why I offer my inexpensive memberships which allow for video lessons as well as my Single Plane "Setup 4 Impact" Golf schools and Single Plane golf lessons which are the fastest way to improve your game with my help. More info below.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my offerings at any time. I am here to help you improve.

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Gift certificates for 3-day schools, and my lifetime memberships are now available. Give the gift of better golf!

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Setup 4 Impact vs. Graves - Moe Norman Swing comparison

Here you can learn the main differences between my easier to learn, more powerful and more consistent method and that of the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing as taught by Graves Golf Academy. Learn more

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The fastest way to improve your overall game is at our Setup 4 Impact Golf Schools. We get better results that anyone could ever imagine. Customizable for every golfer. To learn more about our Golf Schools Click here

Setup 4 Impact golf

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