I have had many questions from my subscribers lately regarding Single Length irons so I thought I should address it here. These are irons that are all the same length from the SW to 4 iron. In this case they would be the length of a 7, or 8 iron.

This is a concept that has been around for more than 20 years, but has recently become popular due to the success of Bryson Dechambeau who is playing on the PGA Tour with a Single length set of irons. He also won the NCAA men's title, and US. Amateur titles in 2015. He also sets up and makes impact on the same plane as I teach on this website. He basically is looking to make the game as simple as possible.

I the past I had doubts about the system, but have recently discovered how they were getting around the problems of the past to make the system work. What the company I am recommending has done is to make the longer irons with a thinner club face, which gives a spring like effect to make up for the loss in clubhead speed due to a shorter then usual club length. So now hitting a 4 iron that is the length of a 7 iron is much easier, and provides the proper distance for a 4 iron. It used to be that in the same length sets the long irons would not provide enough difference in distance between clubs. So the 6 iron only hit the ball 5 yards farther then the 7 iron. The company that I am recommending has solved the problem and I am happy to recommend them, and offer fitting help for those who are interested.


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