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Become an instructor for the Setup 4 Impact golf swing.

  1. Need to be able to demonstrate the setup and all current drills.
  2. Must understand how to customize the swing to individuals. More videos on this coming soon in the members area.
  3. Understand the 4 main differences between Setup 4 Impact and the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf swing.
  4. Ability to use V1 video (or comparable) for Setup 4 Impact golf lessons.
  5. Background in golf instruction is preferred, but other teaching experience is also possible.
  6. Need a facility where you can teach individuals and possibly schools at a later date.
  7. Private lesson minimum advertised rate of $150 per hour. You can charge whatever you want, just not advertise a lower rate.



Certification school in person $2500 (three days of instruction) includes testing on drills, and oral exam. Online Certification $1995 (can take anywhere from two weeks to several months)

Yearly license fee of $750. First year is included in Certification fee.

Benefit of being a certified Setup 4 Impact Golf swing instructor. 

  1. Listing on website as instructor, and in emails to all prospective customers.
  2. Keep all lesson money earned.
  3. Earn 50% of revenue from schools taught by you at your facility before your facility costs. Currently, this would be almost $240 per customer for a one-day school.
  4. Will not Certify instructors in the same area (100 miles) as an already certified instructor except in highly populated areas, or if the already certified instructor agrees.
  5. Teach larger schools with Kirk Junge for additional compensation of up to $500 per day. (dependent on number of customers present)
  6. Use of  V1 Branded Academy ($20 per month)


Become an instructor