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Private lessons on the Setup 4 Impact golf swing are now available in Bonn, Germany and Cincinnati, Ohio. Kirk also teaches in the West Palm Beach, Florida area October through April.

Lessons include Video analysis using V1. You also get a copy of the videos of your swing that I analyze, showing you how you should practice in video form through V1 online. You will always have access to this lesson online.

The Setup 4 Impact golf swing is far easier to learn than conventional golf. It is my experience from having taught both ways for over 20 years that Setup 4 Impact is far and away easier to learn. While you may have found improvement difficult if not impossible with the conventional method. If you follow my advice you will definitely improve with the Setup 4 Impact golf swing. Most people improve more in just a couple hours than they did in 20+ conventional lessons.

Please warm up prior to the lesson for at least 15 minutes if possible.

Please send a message through the comment box below, or US customers can also call me (email contact is better and faster than phone) at 561-459-1964 (at this number you will need to leave a message for me with your phone number, this number is not for customer service for this website, only for private lesson inquiries) Messages not having to do with Private lessons are not forwarded to me. Please contact by email for all customer service issues. I do not answer this number due to the number of marketing calls that I received previously when I listed my cell number. Fastest response is by email at Learninggolf.tv ((@)) gmail.com (leaving out the (()))

Germany lesson rates are around 30% less expensive but do not include range balls. Click the following text for more info.  German language website. Bonn - Golfunterricht - Golf lernen

2019 USA Lesson rates include balls and fees during the lesson.

Florida Lessons are at The Village Golf club, 122 country club dr,  Royal Palm Beach, Florida, This is about 10 miles west of the West Palm Beach International airport. (PBI) Cincinnati, Ohio lessons are at Tri County Ranch which is 20 miles north of downtown Cincinnati.

In all cases contact me regarding lessons, or schools not the facility. In many cases they do not even know when i will be there. 

One Person - one session

  • 1 hour - $225
  • 2 hours - $425
  • 3 hours - $625
  • Each additional hour $200


  • 10 hour package $1995 - Minimum one hour per lesson.

Two People together - one session

  • 1 hour - $250 ($125 per person)
  • 2 hours - $450 ($225 per person)
  • 3 hours - $650 ($325 per person)
  • Each additional hour $200

For rate info for group lessons please send a message through the comment box below, or call me at 561-459-1964 (at this number you will need to leave a message 9 times out of 10, this number is not for customer service for this website, only for private lesson inquiries)

Preferred payment method is Cash or Check. I will also take most credit cards for lessons in the USA only. Prepayment of at least 50% required for more than 2 hours of lessons booked in advance. I will send an invoice for this. If canceled because of weather and we cannot reschedule you receive a full refund.

Please keep in mind that my Setup 4 impact Golf swing lessons are FAR more effective than conventional golf swing lessons. In many cases, my students are very satisfied after just a couple of lessons. Most golfers never improve playing conventional golf even after taking years of lessons. Many of my customers had taken thousands of dollars of lessons with no improvement. With Setup 4 Impact Golf you will definitely improve without the need to take lessons forever. With the video analysis, you will see your improvement as we work on your swing. You will be able to compare your swing before we started to how it is now. You can and WILL improve!!!.

I can say this as I have also more than 25 years experience in teaching conventional golf. Single plane golf has proven itself to be the most effective way to play golf, which is why I now offer only Setup 4 Impact golf lessons. I can say that as I taught both forms over the past 18 years. The Setup 4 Impact Golf customers improved far more than the conventional golfers.

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3-Day and 5-Day Setup 4 Impact Golf Schools with Kirk Junge in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Lessons available between school dates.

Alumni School - November 8th - 10th - 2 spots  - requires prior school attendance or lessons in either Setup 4 Impact, Single Plane, Natural Golf, etc...

3-Day School - November 15th - 17th  -  2 spots 

3-Day School - November 22nd - 24th 4 spots

5-Day school - December 2nd - 6th - 4 spots

Schools will be taught at the Village Golf club, 122 country club dr., Royal Palm Beach, Florida. (12 miles from downtown West Palm Beach)

More info at our 3-Day School info page Alumni School Info5-day Premium School info page

Limit of 5 participants for each regular school, 6 for Alumni Schools. Taught exclusively by Kirk Junge.

Click the Buy Now button below and choose the date to sign up. $1399.95 per person for normal 3-Day schools, $1549.95 for Alumni Schools (Includes 3 rounds of golf with Cart), $2499.95 includes on the course golf fees as well.





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