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Private lessons on the Single Plane "Setup 4 Impact "golf swing are now available in West Palm Beach, Florida year-round starting November 1, 2019.

Lessons include Video analysis using V1 and/or Flightscope X3. You also get a copy of the videos of your swing that I analyze, showing you how you should practice in video form through V1 online. You will always have access to this lesson online. Lessons will also include Flightscope X3 data results.

Lessons now also include analysis with Flightscope X3. Which greatly accelerates the learning process by providing exact feedback as to how the club is moving through impact, as well as providing exactly the distance the ball flies. This is the same device that Bryson DeChambeau and many other tour players use in practice. More info at https://learninggolf.tv/flightscope-x3/

My "Setup 4 Impact" Single Plane golf swing is far easier to learn than conventional golf. It is my experience from having taught both ways for over 20 years that Setup 4 Impact is far and away easier to learn. While you may have found improvement difficult if not impossible with the conventional method. If you follow my advice you will definitely improve with my Single Plane "Setup 4 Impact" golf swing. Most people improve more in just a couple hours than they did in 20+ conventional lessons.

Please warm-up prior to the lesson for at least 15 minutes if possible.

Please send a message through the comment box below, or US customers can also call me (email contact is better and faster than phone) at 561-459-1964 (at this number you will need to leave a message for me with your phone number, this number is not for customer service for this website, only for private lesson inquiries) Messages not having to do with Private lessons are not forwarded to me. Please contact by email for all customer service issues. I do not answer this number due to the number of marketing calls that I received previously when I listed my cell number. Fastest response is by email at Learninggolf.tv ((@)) gmail.com (leaving out the (())) Once you send an email I will also provide my cell phone number.

2019-2020 -Lesson rates include balls and all range fees during the lesson.

Florida Lessons are at The Village Golf club, 122 country club dr,  Royal Palm Beach, Florida, This is about 10 miles west of the West Palm Beach International airport. (PBI) Cincinnati, Ohio lessons are at Tri County Ranch which is 20 miles north of downtown Cincinnati.

In all cases contact me regarding lessons, or schools not the facility. In many cases, they do not even know when I will be available. 

Lesson rates 2020

  • 1 hour - $200
  • 2 hours - $380
  • 3 hours - $550
  • Each additional hour $170


South Florida resident rates below.

  • 1 hour - $175
  • additional hours $150

Course fees for playing lessons would would be paid by the customer.

More info on the Flightscope X3 can be found at https://learninggolf.tv/flightscope-x3/

For rate info for group lessons please send a message through the comment box below, or call me at 561-459-1964 (at this number you will need to leave a message 9 times out of 10, this number is not for customer service for this website, only for private lesson inquiries)

Preferred payment method is Cash or Check. I will also take most credit cards for lessons in the USA only. (There is a 3% extra cost for credit card payments) 

Please keep in mind that my "Setup 4 Impact" Single Plane Golf swing lessons are FAR more effective than conventional golf swing lessons. In many cases, my students are very satisfied after just a couple of lessons. Most golfers never improve playing conventional golf even after taking years of lessons. Many of my customers had taken thousands of dollars of lessons with no improvement. With Setup 4 Impact Golf you will definitely improve without the need to take lessons forever. With the video analysis, you will see your improvement as we work on your swing. You will be able to compare your swing before we started to how it is now. You can and WILL improve!!!.

I can say this as I have also more than 25 years experience in teaching conventional golf. Single plane golf has proven itself to be the most effective way to play golf, which is why I now offer only Setup 4 Impact golf lessons. I can say that as I taught both forms over the past 18 years. The Setup 4 Impact Golf customers improved far more than the conventional golfers.

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3-Day "Setup 4 Impact" Single Plane Golf Schools with Kirk Junge in West Palm Beach, Florida.

SAVE $50 now on all Schools listed below. As soon as most schools are almost full the price will go up. Get the discount for signing up earlyRegular price $1445.97 on sale for $1395.97 now. Limited time only. 

Lessons available between school dates.

New Format: Now including Video and Flightscope X3 Feedback for each participant.

3-Day schools have a new format starting in November 2019 utilizing my Flightscope X3 system for more feedback. The Advanced version of the 3-day schools is for those who have some Single Plane experience, or who have attended schools in the past with me, or other similar methods. Level of play does not matter for the advanced school just that you have some knowledge and Understanding of the method going in. More time will be spent on more advanced topics and drills. Please start with the normal 3-day school if the method is totally new to you. You can decide on your own which school you wish to attend. 

Schools are limited to small groups working exclusively with Kirk Junge


3-Day Advanced school - February 21, 22, 23 2 spots - Open for any skill level. I cover more advanced training methods in this school than in the normal three day.  Your level of play is not a factor. Many higher handicappers have taken the advanced school. You should just be familiar with my teaching system or the Single Plane swing before attending. When you sign up I will send more info.


3-Day school - March 6, 7, 8  -  2 spots

3-Day school - March 13, 14, 15  -  4 spots


3-Day school - April 3, 4, 5 -  4 spots

More dates may be added as schools fill up. Please contact us below if you have interest in attending on a date not listed.

Schools will be taught at the Village Golf club, 122 country club dr., Royal Palm Beach, Florida. (12 miles from downtown West Palm Beach)

More info at our 3-Day School info page

Small schools size taught exclusively by Kirk Junge unless otherwise noted.

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See more about the Flightscope X3 system in the video below. This is one of the most valuable training tools available and will help any golfer improve at a faster pace.