Tony Griffin - Certified Setup 4 Impact Golf instructor

I first discovered the joy of golf at age 11 after tagging along with my father to the local
driving ranges and finding I had a natural ability to hit the ball pretty well.

I continued to use that ability through my teen years and all the way through adulthood
and into retirement with virtually no formal instruction.

I played local, state and regional level competitive golf all through the years and upon
retirement had a desire to refresh the skills that I recognized had receded over the years.
I took a few lessons on the conventional golf swing, but due to age and the loss of some
strength, hand/eye coordination, balance and who knows what else… I didn’t really
improve and I worked seriously at that for over a year. This was my first formal
instruction and truthfully, I never felt sure I fully understood what I was being asked to
do and if I was doing it correctly when I practiced.

Knowing that the conventional golf swing is very complicated, I genuinely began
looking for something simple to understand and easy to perform, something that wouldn’t
take months or years and dozens of lessons to improve my game.

In late 2015 I happened upon Kirk Junge’s YouTube Setup 4 Impact videos. I liked the
simplicity of what he was presenting and began working with Kirk through his video
lesson program very soon after. In a very short time, (probably 2-3 weeks) I improved quite a bit. The improvement has continued as I still do the drills and on occasion send a video to Kirk for review.

Recently (2018), I was able to shoot my age for the first time, something I thought
wouldn’t happen for several more years.

Back when I first started learning Setup 4 Impact myself through Kirk’s video lessons I
mentioned to him that I had a desire to teach this simple swing. Everywhere I looked, I
saw people that could easily and quickly improve with this simple method.

As soon as Kirk offered instructor certification, I jumped at the chance to train from the
creator of Setup 4 Impact on how to help others learn it.

Now, as a certified instructor of Setup 4 Impact Golf I look forward giving back some of the
happiness and joy that this game has provided to me for a lifetime. I truly believe that for those willing learn it, Setup 4 Impact, with its simplicity, will help those who just have never been able to improve.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you in person on the Setup 4 Impact swing and
have you quickly enjoying your golf more than ever before.

I’m located in the central NC area (Sanford), 25 minutes from Pinehurst and about an
hour each from the cities of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro and Fayetteville.

You can find info on my one day schools by Clicking here

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I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about a great experience that I had with Tony recently in Sanford. I have been all over the place searching for the answer to my quest of getting down to a low single digit handicap player again.

I have been to see Todd Graves and was somewhat familiar with the one plane Moe Norman type concept. I have also been to several teachers over the last 10 years including Bobby Clampett and Martin Chuck. Tony has a very good eye for the swing and easily can address a root cause rather than jumping on a quick fix for an effect. Obviously by not fixing the cause and only trying to fix the result you are only adding more compensations to the golf swing. Tony is excellent at finding what causes the problem in the first place.

Being an excellent player himself it was refreshing to spend time with Tony knowing he has adopted and perfected these S4I adaptations to his own golf swing. He mixed an absolute perfect amount of hitting balls personally vs talking about the methodology.

The most unique attribute was his ability to walk the walk. Being a single digit already I had a few little quirky shots in hazards like bunker areas that I wanted a better more reliable method to execute. He showed me after asked how to approach a downhill lie in a greenside bunker. Answer given, same set up and technique just let the follow through remain low near the ground and slope of lie but not make a high finish. He then hits a perfect shot. I then do exact same a few times over with no problem. He also did this after being asked about the modifications needed for a fairway bunker shot.

This type of teaching was refreshing. This was not cookie cutter you have to swing like me stuff. Don’t get me wrong he absolutely had me hands high no clubface rotation return where you started but he let my swing meld with that and this was a great approach.

I had a great time with Tony and feel his instruction will help me along my journey back to a 4 handicap or lower hopefully. You are very lucky to have him and anyone that is in the North Carolina area or traveling through would be lucky to spend a few hours with Tony. He’s not only great player on the plus side of the handicap he is a professional and a nice guy.


Harry D.

Harry D.

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