There are no special clubs needed for those switching to the Setup 4 Impact golf swing. If you setup the same distance from the ball as you did conventionally then the club will still fit the same at impact. This is because the impact plane is based on your distance from the ball.

From my experience, most people are not even close to playing with golf clubs that are ideal for them.

Sadly many companies still will fit people online, or by taking a couple of measurements. That is not fitting at all. I have seen big golf schools fit by measuring their customer's arms, etc...and then having them hit a few balls with a couple of different shafts. This is NOT fitting. It is just finding out which of a couple of choices you hit the ball better with. Instead of choosing from thousands of choices the best club for each individual.

Proper fitting is when you get to try all clubs by actually hitting golf balls with every shot measured by Trackman (or similar radar measurement device). Led by an expert fitter you will find the perfect shaft, perfect clubhead, at the perfect weight, lie angle, set makeup, and grip to fit your individual swing. This can take a couple of hours but is well worth the effort. All clubs are guaranteed to fit. If you ever have an issue with a club you simply contact your fitter and he will fix it.

Members of can now be fit like a tour player and get a discount on their new golf clubs of five percent. There are now 51 fitting locations around the USA. They fit all major brands, as well as Single length irons. To get the VIP treatment and save 5% you must enter my name as your pro when you sign up for a fitting.


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