Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do I have to change everything to convert to the Setup 4 Impact golf swing?

No, I try to change as little as possible with people who are converting to the Setup 4 Impact golf swing. Most people are looking for a quick fix and Setup 4 Impact will give you that if you follow my instruction. Basically, I would have you change just the setup first. Many people hit the ball better immediately upon setting up as I teach. After that, you follow the step by step learning program and continue to improve as far as you desire.

For those playing competitive golf often I recommend changing gradually to Setup 4 impact. For those who want to improve to their maximum ability level, I recommend following path 1 which has seven steps to follow which will improve your game beyond anything else offered in the world of golf.

Will I lose distance with the Setup 4 Impact golf swing?

No, You should gain distance. I do not teach anything that restricts production of distance and the setup makes it easier to produce speed. The drills are also all designed to help you learn to use your body, and arms in the proper sequence which improve both distance and accuracy. Plus you will definitely hit more shots in the middle of the clubface which also increases distance. 

Is the Setup 4 Impact golf swing the same as the Moe Norman golf swing?

No two golf swings are the same. I taught and tried to swing exactly like Moe Norman in the past and can tell you that nobody including myself ever has been able to exactly copy Moe’s golf swing. In teaching his swing recently for Graves Golf academy I saw students struggling with both distance and accuracy. Many of them had been struggling for years trying to exactly copy Moe Norman’s golf swing. I found that by simply changing a few important parts of the setup and swing it helped people in most cases to hit the ball better almost immediately. We are all individuals and the simple concept of setting up on your impact plane needs to be customized for each individual. Important parameters such as distance from the ball, stance width, grip position, length of the backswing, etc.... This is not a complicated procedure. Each person already has habits from their earlier golf swing. Let’s take the most simple approach possible to help you hit more consistently long and straight golf shots. My goal for my customers is to always move toward hitting better golf shots without having to take any steps backward.

Do I need special golf clubs for the Setup 4 Impact golf swing?

As with any golf swing the clubs need to fit each person individually for impact. If you are switching from conventional golf to Setup 4 Impact and keep the same distance from the ball at address. The clubs will fit you the same at impact as the impact plane angle will be the same as before. So if your clubs fit you before they will still fit for the Setup 4 Impact golf swing if you setup the same distance away from the ball. Many people do prefer slightly thicker golf grips than with conventional golf and I have recommendations for that.

Is the Setup 4 Impact golf swing easier on the back?

Most people notice very quickly that past back pain after golfing no longer is a factor after switching to the Setup 4 Impact golf swing. This is mainly due to less vertical compression on the spine than you see in the conventional swing. In the conventional swing, you see good players pelvis rising into impact as the head drops which pushes (compresses) the spine. This compression is eliminated when the Setup 4 Impact golf swing is performed properly. We also do not restrict natural movement in the swing such as trying to keep the trailing foot flat on the ground through impact which can lead to pulled muscles in the back and arm problems. Turning the body properly through impact will reduce stress on most body parts.

Is Setup 4 Impact the same as the Single Plane golf swing?

I have used the term Single Plane in my teaching for over 20 years now, but find that very rarely does a person swing only on one plane for the entire golf swing. Those who teach the Single Plane Moe Norman Golf swing actually teach people to swing under the plane on the backswing, and then under the plane on the downswing again. So there is much confusion around the term, which is also mixed up with the One Plane golf swing often.

Bryson DeChambeau actually does try to swing on the same plane back and through the golf swing and comes very close to it. This makes a lot more sense than anything else that I have seen.

I have my customers setup and make impact on the same plane. The swing will also in most cases be close to that plane on the backswing, downswing, and followthrough.

How does Bryson DeChambeau’s golf swing fit with Setup 4 Impact golf?

Bryson’s swing very closely resembles my Setup 4 Impact golf swing. He sets up and makes impact on the same plane. He also practices taking the club back and swinging down on the same plane. I have a section of the member’s section showing you how Bryson swings and how to implement much of what he does. Bryson has even said in interviews published online that he likes to Setup for Impact as it makes the game easier.

What age group is Setup 4 Impact golf meant for?

The Setup 4 Impact golf swing makes it easier for golfers of any age to hit better golf shots. Setting up on the impact plane is the way everyone should play golf. Some younger golfers are flexible enough to be able to perform the complex movements that conventional golf requires. Very few golfers under 30 have any chance to ever become good at those movements. Setup 4 Impact golf levels the playing field so that everyone has the chance to play better golf and have more fun on the course.

Do I need Single Length irons to play Setup 4 Impact golf?

No, you can use any irons. Many people could benefit from properly fit Single Length irons. I believe to get full advantage of that concept you need to be professionally fit for the clubs. The shaft plays a huge part in that concept. WIth the wrong shaft, you will not get the proper distances out of each iron. That is why I recommend custom fitting. For more info on proper fitting CLICK HERE.

Do I need JumboMax golf grips to play Setup 4 Impact golf or to copy Bryson DeChambeau’s golf swing?

No you do not. The JumboMax Grips are more than double the weight of normal grips. This will throw off the swingweight of your clubs. If you order new clubs and can get them installed at the factory, or in a fitting with my recommended fitter then I would give them a try. Please try them though before buying. They are really big grips. I do have recommended grip sizes for my method which are only a bit thicker than standard. Custom fit to each person’s hand size. Members can email me for individual sizing information.