Hi Everyone, Kirk Junge here. My goal with my Setup 4 Impact golf method is to make golf improvement as easy as possible. I have over 32 years of experience teaching the game of golf, and almost 50 years as a golfer. More about the methods I have taught, and people I have learned from at https://learninggolf.tv/about-us/about-kirk-junge

Setup 4 Impact is meant to be fully customizable for every golfer. The goal is to make improvement happen as fast as possible. Not to teach you how to swing like any other person. I can get deep into golf biomechanics and show that I know a lot, but that will only confuse most golfers.

Members can ask me questions at any time, and submit videos for my review through the V1 golf app. Members also have complete access to all my learning materials in the member's section. My membership costs about 10% of what most are charging for such service on the Internet, and the results are very impressive. Please contact me through the website contact/support page with any questions. It is under the "about us" menu point above.

Let me help you learn the Setup 4 Impact Golf Swing. Let me show you how to have fun again on the golf course. 

Below you see setup and Impact for many of the greatest players in golf. You can see that I have marked their setup position for the club in red and the position of the right arm to elbow in yellow.

At impact, I added a green line to mark from the club to the elbow which in all swings is in a straight line alignment from this down the line viewpoint.

Dustin Johnson - Impact

Impact - below

Justin Thomas - Setup

Impact below - Green line shows perfect alignment of club to right forearm.

Tiger Woods - Setup

Impact below

The pictures below show a setup with the arms in the same orientation to the club as they will be in at impact makes it easier to hit great golf shots. Obviously, there are far few compensations to be made in order to hit long and straight golf shots.

You can see that setup and impact are much closer to matching then what you saw above. Bryson DeChambeau is a young star on the PGA tour who also is in the top 30 in Driving Distance, Sandra Carlborg has won the World Long drive competition 5 times now, and on the right you see me practicing what I preach.

Bryson DeChambeau - PGA Tour Member - Setup

Impact below

Sandra Carlborg - 5 Time World Long drive champion - Setup

Impact below - notice how the green impact line very closely overlaps the setup red and yellow lines on all the pictures below.

Kirk Junge - Inventor of the Setup 4 Impact Golf swing. - Setup

Impact below

I want to help you step by step to implement my Setup 4 Impact golf swing. That is why every very inexpensive membership includes video analysis through the free V1 Golf app.

I personally review every video sent in.

You receive the voice over correction with lines for analysis drawn right on the video.

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So you have a choice. Are you ready to have a game so consistent that your buddies beg you to know how you improved so much in such a short time? Are you ready to be the best player that you can be?

Golf really can be simplified when you have the right secret. Let me help you learn the Setup 4 Impact Golf swing. I will show you how to have fun on the golf course again.

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