The video below is an analysis that I did today on my own Setup 4 Impact golf swing. I did this to help people get a better understanding as to what I am looking for when analyzing a golf swing as I do every day for the members of Learninggolf.Tv. For those who are not members it will help give you a better idea of what the Setup 4 Impact golf swing is all about, and hopefully you can see the simplicity of the method.


In case the video does not show up in the email notifications for some people I am including the link to the video. CLICK HERE for the Video.

The Setup 4 Impact golf swing was developed after almost 20 years of teaching Moe Norman's Golf swing, The Natural Golf swing, and my versions of the Single Plane, and Minimalist single plane golf swings. With Setup 4 Impact you can customize the swing to fit your own body, in the easiest way possible. I do not think you should have to work for years trying to exactly copy another person's golf swing. In my experience it cannot be done anyway. I have seen many try, and nobody succeed to exactly swing like another person. Follow my simple drills program many of which can be done in your own home, and you will improve, and simplify your golf swing.

The Setup 4 Impact golf swing is also the most back friendly method that I have ever seen. This is because of the setup which makes it so you will not compress  your spine vertically like the PGA tour players all do. Give it a try today. There is a free 14 day trial period available. You can also sign up for my free video lessons by email program. All possible on the home page at