August 12, 2017

Hi Kirk,
A few days ago I accidentally found you on you tube and watched some of your video's. I have been struggling with my golf game for a very long time. At my peak a few years ago I was a 5 hcp from the blue tee's and although I realize it is common to decline some with age I am now a 15 hcp and golf is just not fun like it used to be. My swing and ball striking has gotten so far off I am just lost and just about to give up the game. After watching the single plane swing video's I was already going to the driving range that day and decided to try your method. After hitting a few balls to warm up I noticed I was striking the ball better than I had in years and the distance I had lost which was about 3 clubs was back. I couldn't believe it. I started cranking the swing up a little and was striking the ball even better and gaining more distance. When I went to a full swing it was the same thing. I was amazed, to say the least. I subscribed to your site and have been watching the video's and practicing the drills. It has been raining here for the past 2 day's, so I haven't been able to take it to the course yet, but I am sure looking forward to my first round with the new swing. I used to win all the bets with my buddies. In fact, they all complained that I win all the time, but that went south, but I think I will be in the winner's circle again with the single plane swing. I am 77 years old.

David Y.