August 12, 2017


I got on your website last Friday and watched numerous videos. Hit my first bucket of balls with your swing on Saturday. The feeling of sliding the butt of the club along with the knee bend is new. But I can finally feel the right elbow tucked into the body.

Tuesday was golf at Highlands Meadow golf course in Windsor, Co. We started on the back nine and I used a recovery 3 wood off the tee and in the fairway. I hit some of the purist shots I've ever hit, including irons. Nice and straight and effortlessly. I liked the feeling of hitting into the ball and not my typical hitting behind the ball and then the ball. Only 50 years of bad swing mechanics to undo and outside/in swing (think banana slice). Putted and chipped good and shot a 41! Typically, I shoot 45 and above and lately have been more in the higher 40's/low 50's. Fellow golfers were impressed with the new swing. Shot a 48 on the front nine with not so good chipping and putting. Broke 90 for the first time I can remember. The 3 recovery club goes about 200 yards, plus or minus which is just fine for me.

Golf league was on Thursday at SouthRidge Golf Course in Fort Collins, CO. The ugly was I finished triple, double and double. Chipped badly and two putts and a three putt on those last holes. That said, I shot a 44. So only two over after six holes (par 35). I had an 11 handicap going into play. Again, 3 recovery club off the tee and swing held together, but got to over swinging just a bit on the back swing on the last couple of holes. Old habits started to try and get back into the swing. Otherwise another round of excellent shots with all clubs. Next is the three wood off the tee and the driver in a few weeks.

Thanks again for your videos and your effort to teach this swing. I now feel like I know what swing I'm bringing to the course. I'm motivated to keep doing the practice moves and improving. I like the "cutting grass video". It is enjoyable for the first time in many years to look forward to playing golf. I walked down the center of the fairway in these recent rounds probably more than I ever have in my golfing career.

Where were you when I needed you 50 years ago? O' you were likely only a toddler!

Craig F.