August 10, 2017

Hi Kirk,

I started following your free videos on TouTube last summer and I am elated that I did.

I am 41 years old, born in Nova Scotia Canada and have been playing golf off and on since I was 12.
I was never very good and mostly shot in the mid to high 90s with a bad round being over 100. That went on for years. Occasionally I have a score in the 70s or low 80s but those were few and far between. What frustrated me most was my inconsistency to be able to hit the ball like I knew (thought) I could. On any given day I would lose the ability to hit the ball.

I started down the road to try and improve about 4 years ago. It started with Moe Norman but I couldn't figure it out simply by watching him swing. I did have a little success for a while but I didn't really understand what I was attempting to do. From there I discovered Mike Maves and Secret in the Dirt but still something was missing. I moved on to My Swing Evolution (Christo Garcia) on YouTube where I did learn some very helpful and interesting things. He has rebuilt his golf swing following Ben Hogan. But again inconsistency was an issue for me.

At the beginning of last summer after having 2 months of miserable golf I thought about Moe again. I knew that there was something to his action that felt right.
That's when I found your videos and started implementing the one plane swing. After a short period of adjustment, I had 3 rounds in the 70's in a row with the third being my personal best 74. Then of course winter hit us in Canada and I felt like I was starting all over. I decided to join LearningGolf a few weeks ago and had my issues and questions answered in a few days of watching your videos.

Last weekend I shot a 77 on one of the toughest courses around including an even par 36 on the front 9. I made a dumb double on the 18th hole to shoot that score. I'd blame that mistake on bad decision making not a bad swing.

I send this email as a truly heart felt thank you for helping me find a swing that is repeatable and fun.

My deepest thanks and continued success.

Eric Mc.