June 9, 2014

Kirk.. I have been working on your minimalist swing since February. After much practice and as the weather warmed and I was able to get outside to the course, I have eliminated the slice which I have had since I was 20. (I am 74). The main habit which was the hardest to break was the habit of trying to lift the ball off of the ground instead of hitting down on the ball and letting the club furnish the lift. I thought that I would share with you what I added to your minimalist setup to aid in this fault. As I set up I first get the grip and stance right, then I make the shift with my hips to the left as I turn my body slightly exactly as you instruct. Then I added one other "shift". The last thing I do before I take my backswing is I move my hands forward to force my hands to start as well as end ahead of the ball. It aims the top of my club always to the outside of my left hip, much the way some pros teach you to chip the ball with your hands forward. The results have been amazing! It is now natural to strike the ball correctly with the divot after the ball.(no more lifting). My distance has increased very well...I am hitting the longest drives ever. (even with a short backswing). My irons distances have completely changed. I now can hit like my partners, though they are much younger than I! I have played steadily for 52 years with a bad slice and no distance in my irons. And I have had to learn to scramble and putt well to break 90! I knew I was close to making a real breakthrough and yesterday, it came! I shot the lowest nine ever ..a 37 which is one over par. On the back I shot a forty with several missed putts which held me back. The 77 was my lowest round in history! I also hit every fairway and 11 greens in regulation. Only one double bogey! All due to adopting your minimalist golf swing! Thank you so much! Your drills have been the key! PS.. you might analyze the hand move I am making and tell me why it has helped so much. Thanks again! Jess H.