Finally after many years of study, it all comes back to the release. In studying a number of the world's greatest ball strikers It became clear that one was very different from all the others. I actually discovered this release 20 years ago, and it REALLY is a secret. You do not even have to copy his swing in order to learn it. It is easier to learn with my Setup 4 Impact golf swing.

This is such a secret that I have never heard this taught before by anybody teaching any golf method. Be it conventional, Same, Single, or One Plane swings.

This is a move that you can actually feel, and if you can follow simple directions you can learn it too. You must setup as I teach in my Setup 4 Impact golf swing to be able to learn it for sure. It may work for some of the other methods as well, but probably only if you setup on the same plane you will be on at impact.

I now have the first video up on my website in the member's section under Setup 4 Impact. You can also find it in the "find video directory" advanced drills section. It is named Secret Release. There are only a couple other pros who know about this move, and I did prove that the Straightest ball striker ever did it.

You will only find it in my members section. Keep in mind that my membership is VERY reasonable. Much less than an hour golf lesson, and guaranteed to help you improve. Visit to sign up. You can learn the secret in less than ten minutes.

My Setup 4 Impact golf swing can improve every aspect of your game, as it is the easiest golf swing to learn ever developed.