Upcoming 3-Day "Setup 4 Impact" Golf Schools

2023 Dates school type      
August  3-Day School w/Kirk     Cincinnati, OH
October 3-Day  w/Kirk & Tony     Sanford, NC
Oct - Nov. 3-Day Schools w/Kirk     West Palm Beach, FL
Jan - Mar. 2024 3-Day Schools w/Kirk     West Palm Beach, FL
April 2024 3-Day Schools w/Kirk     Cincinnati, OH
April, 2024 3-Day  w/Kirk & Tony     Sanford, NC


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We now offer 1-Day and 3-Day schools for the single plane "Setup 4 Impact" Golf swing. The easiest and only customizable single plane golf swing. For more info on the schools as well as dates please click the corresponding link below.

Signup at my new website.

The Setup 4 Impact learning system and memberships are now available on my new website Setup4impact.com

Setup 4 Impact® Membership Options

Signup at my new website.

The Setup 4 Impact learning system and memberships are now available on my new website Setup4impact.com

For those not interested in a membership at this time please check out our digital products.

More about our program

Reasons Why This Setup 4 Impact® Swing Actually Makes Golf Fun Again…

Simplifies Ball-Striking

Look, hitting a golf ball with more power and accuracy is about returning the club through impact with the least amount of effort. This is important to understand. Unlike traditional swings, the  "Setup 4 Impact" golf swing starts in the same position as the hands and club will swing through impact, while moving the club on a single plane. Which means, less moving parts to the swing. The motion is clearly easier to learn, easier to repeat, and easier to implement–thereby simplifying ball-striking for anyone.

Learn the simple body movement that will give you more distance, and accuracy. 

One of the exciting benefits of this swing is all the new power you’ll generate. By keeping your club on the same plane and simply turning your body, you load the downswing with explosive power, blasting the ball with crisp, clean contact and sending it on a ballistic-missile trajectory that seemingly goes for miles. You’ll love all the extra yards this simplified swing gives you! Plus the swing can also be customized to fit any golfer regardless of size, flexibility, injuries, or body type .

Automatically Puts You In The Correct Position To Hit The Ball Straight

Straight towering shots are the hallmark of great golfers. The Setup 4 Impact Swing almost ensures you strike the ball with precision. Because you start the swing at the point of impact, this simple shift in body and club positioning keeps the ball on target–right from the start of the swing. You can’t screw up! You will also learn the secret release move that ensures dead straight golf shots.

Reduces Stress On The Back, Hips, Arms, And Body

The "Setup 4 Impact" Golf Swing maintains the hand, club shaft and spine alignment from address to impact, allowing for a smooth-as-silk swing motion. Unlike the traditional swing there is no upward motion of the spine which means no stress on the spine and little overall stress on the body. Of course this also reduces the movement of the body and results in more consistency.

Most efficient way to swing a golf club

Efficiency comes from getting more out of less. The "Setup 4 Impact"® golf swing does not require you to make space for impact by pushing upward with your hips which puts compression on the spine. In other words, less stressful body movement. Due to superior bio-mechanics, it produces increased power and force—but with lower energy output. (Perfect for older golfers who need to conserve energy.)

Every day, I help my students achieving amazing results from the Setup 4 Impact Golf Swing. And in this video training program, that’s EXACTLY what I’d like to do for you too…


Top Benefits of the Single Plane "Setup 4 Impact" golf swing, and membership to Learninggolf.tv

  1. Easily customize the swing to fit each individual golfer regardless of age, and physical condition.
  2. Easy to follow learning program lets you first learn how to move properly at home with easy to do slow motion drills.
  3. You will know exactly how you should be swinging the club.
  4. You get full access to Kirk Junge by email, webinars, and submitting videos to him through the free V1 golf app, or the online V1 golf academy. People pay thousands of dollars for access to Kirk.
  5. Club moves on one plane back and through, not multiple planes which is way to complicated for normal (non-pga tour golfers)
  6. Setup and grip guarantee a square clubface through impact, which gives you more distance with the same swing speed you have always had. Of course, you get more accuracy as well. A square clubface hits the ball farther, and straighter.
  7. Unlike the traditional golf swing, there is no compression on the spine. This is because we teach you to keep your hips level from setup through impact, and the traditional swing has the hips rising through impact, while the head moves down.
  8. We use the ground to generate more speed, without having to make more space for impact as in the traditional swing.  
  9. Also learn the simplest way to chip, pitch, and hit bunker shots.
  10. Groove the perfect putting stroke at home, with a simple to follow program. Never worry about missing 3 footers again.

As a member you are also encouraged to send me videos of your golf swing for my review. This is included in your membership. Feedback is a critical component in learning a great golf swing. I will have detailed information as to how you can upload your videos to the Free V1 Golf app, or V1 golf academy which does not cost anything, and then will I review your video, and show you what you need to correct.

Setup 4 Impact golf

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