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One day schools for the Setup 4 Impact Golf swing can now be booked with Setup 4 Impact Certified instructor Tony Griffin in Sanford, North Carolina starting in March. These schools will run from 9AM to 4PM and will cover Grip, Setup, Drills 1 - 5, and Ball Striking drills 1 and 2. Chipping and Pitching will also be addressed. Each participant will also receive individualized instruction and customization advice.

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School cost $499.95 (Maximum 4 people) with a full school we would likely need until 5 PM to complete the full program. School will be held at Sanford Golf Course, 600 Golf course ln., Sanford, NC. 27330

Cancelation Policy: You receive a full refund if the school must be canceled due to weather and cannot be rescheduled on a date you can attend. Otherwise, you can also get a full refund up to  30 days before the school date if you must cancel. Less than 30 days and you receive a certificate good for a future school.

Hi everyone, 
Going now into my third year as an instructor of Setup 4 Impact Golf, I wanted to take a minute and reflect on how gratifying it has been to me to be able to help so many people enjoy their game more than ever before. I've been truly amazed at what I've seen over and over, people leaving a lesson or a school smiling and happy about their improvement on just that one day. I've had more than one tell me it's the first time they ever took a lesson and was hitting it better when they left than when they arrived.
Kirk's "Setup 4 Impact" Single Plane golf swing is easy for anyone to learn no matter age or skill level, and all credit goes to the technique he has created, not only in the swing itself but in the steps to learn it and how to practice it. Learning and practicing Setup 4 Impact is structured so that we know what we are trying to do and are not in "search mode".  I feel very fortunate to be able to share it with those who are open to learning it...and honestly it's a lot of fun for me too!
I have had the good fortune to spend some time teaching schools together with Kirk and it has been invaluable for me to see how he presents the learning drills to the students as we go through the criteria. I can definitely see his lifelong experience showing and I have become a better instructor by learning from him firsthand.   
   I hope this year will be even more successful than the previous two have been.  "Making Golf Fun Again" as Kirk's banner says. It's a game and fun is what it's all about!
Thank you to everyone who has given me the opportunity help them improve and I hope to continue for many years to come!
Golfingly, Tony Griffin
Tony Griffin

Tony has done a fantastic job teaching my Single Plane "Setup 4 Impact" golf swing over the past years. He knows the swing inside and out and can demonstrate the swing beautifully. Tony has also shot his age three times now with my method. He regularly plays under par golf. To me it is even more important how much he has been able to help others play better golf very quickly. From every school that Tony has taught I get emails telling me what an incredible job he does with each participant. I am very lucky to have such a great instructor teaching my method. Below is another recent testimonial from one of Tony's customers. 

Kirk Junge

Hi Kirk,

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about a great experience that I had with Tony recently in Sanford.  I have been all over the place searching for the answer to my quest of getting down to a low single digit handicap player again. 

I have been to see Todd Graves and was somewhat familiar with the one plane Moe Norman type concept.  I have also been to several teachers over the last 10 years including Bobby Clampett and Martin Chuck.  Tony has a very good eye for the swing and easily can address a root cause rather than jumping on a quick fix for an effect.  Obviously by not fixing the cause and only trying to fix the result you are only adding more compensations to the golf swing.  Tony is excellent at finding what causes the problem in the first place.

Being an excellent player himself it was refreshing to spend time with Tony knowing he has adopted and perfected these S4I adaptations to his own golf swing.   He mixed an absolute perfect amount of hitting balls personally vs talking about the methodology. 

The most unique attribute was his ability to walk the walk.  Being a single digit already I had a few little quirky shots in hazards like bunker areas that I wanted a better more reliable method to execute.   He showed me after asked how to approach a downhill lie in a greenside bunker.  Answer given,  same set up and technique just let the follow through remain low near the ground and slope of lie but not make a high finish.   He then hits a perfect shot. I then do exact same a few times over with no problem.  He also did this after being asked about the modifications needed for a fairway bunker shot. 

This type of teaching was refreshing.  This was not cookie cutter you have to swing like me stuff.  Don’t get me wrong he absolutely had me hands high no clubface rotation return where you started but he let my swing meld with that and this was a great approach. 

I had a great time with Tony and feel his instruction will help me along my journey back to a 4 handicap or lower hopefully.  You are very lucky to have him and anyone that is in the North Carolina area or traveling through would be lucky to spend a few hours with Tony.  He’s not only great player on the plus side of the handicap he is a professional and a nice guy.


Harry D.

Harry D.

1-Day Schools with Tony Griffin in Sanford, North Carolina

Sanford Golf Club, 600 Golf Course ln., Sanford, NC. 27330

Effective today. 

You may now reserve a spot in an upcoming school without making payment. That allows you to determine three weeks before the school if you want to attend or not. That way we can all take time to see how things with the virus play out before making a final decision. To sign up contact me through the contact form on the School signup page. I will then contact you three weeks before the school to make a final determination. 

2020 Dates:

June 20 - 5 spots open

July 25 - 5 spots open

August 29 - 5 spots open

September 26 - 5 spots open

October 31 - 5 spots open

Limit of 5 participants for this school. $499.95

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3-Day - Learn and Play - Golf School with Kirk Junge and Tony Griffin in Sanford, NC. Includes 27 holes on course instruction. 

NEW Tentative date: May 30th to June 1st, 2020, This school will take place this was confirmed with the golf course and hotels are available 5/9/2020

This golf school will take place at Sanford Golf club.  $1495.95 per person.

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. Taught by Kirk Junge & Tony Griffin.

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