Learning the Setup 4 Impact golf swing is now available on DVD.

  • It consists of learning how to hold the club ideally so that the clubface is automatically square through impact.
  • Learning how to set up to the ball so that great impact is much easier to learn.
  • Finding your impact position that fits you individually.
  • All parts of Setup 4 Impact are customizable to fit each individual and do not require new, or special golf clubs.
  • After learning the setup and grip, there are 5 drills that teach you the Setup 4 Impact golf swing which you can do at home, or almost anywhere. You will learn exactly how you need to move the golf club to hit consistently long and straight golf shots.
  • Then ball striking drills 1 - 4 show you how to take the swing to the range and golf course.

55 minute DVD. $99.95 Including standard shipping with tracking. Ships Internationally for around $10 more. PAL version (for Europe) available soon.

Special Bonus: Digital Driving range guide with each DVD purchase. Once you receive your DVD send us an email requesting the guide through our contact/support page. You will then be sent a download link for the product which is a condensed version of the DVD, and our Digital learning program. So that you can take the video to the range on your smartphone or tablet.

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