Lag Shot trainer - Special deal.

Lag Shot special deal

Super Speed Golf training system as seen on Youtube. When you order from me it includes instructions for adapting to any Single Plane golf swing. Works also on conventional swings.

If your swing speed is currently above 85 mph and you use a shaft 60 grams and heavier choose the Men's set. Or more than 200 yards carry on your drives. Less than 85 mph, or lighter than 60 gram shaft and under 200 yards choose Senior set, or Ladies Set. After ordering you receive a link to the video page which has warmups and instructions for the Single plane golf swings. These instructions are only for those purchasing through my website or current lifetime members of

Super Speed golf has the most successful training program for building clubhead speed. Please order through my website to get my bonus learning material. You can access their drills on their website at

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Choose set

Top recommended Personal Launch monitors.

My top choice for personal launch monitors is the Swing caddie SC300 pictured above. Ordering it from me will save you $50 off the normal price of $499. Click here to Learn more about the SC300 and save $50