Here is video of me from 2013 hitting golf shots with six different clubs. Two clubs in each part. Parts two and three coming mid January 2014. Part one has me hitting the SW and 9 iron. You see the face on view, and down the line, as well as the SW in 300 frames per second. In part two you will see the 7, and 4 irons, and in part three the three wood, and Driver. A more detailed version of this video is available on my website at With the 14 day free trial you can access all the learning material. There are also three swings to choose from. The conventional swing, Single Plane golf swing, and the Minimalist Single plane golf swing, which is perfect for those who have had a problem slicing their golf shots. The minimalist single plane swing is the ultimate slice fixing golf swing.

I invented this golf swing after more than 25 years of experience teaching both conventional golf and Single plane golf.

This Minimalist Golf swing system was invented in 2013. This swing has been updated now and is of course still a Single Plane Golf swing which I call Setup 4 Impact golf. It is fully customizable to fit every golfer with no need for special equipment.