Members can make a video from face on (facing the middle of your body as in most of the drills videos), and from behind where you are hitting, or swinging. (shooting towards the target with camera at the height of your grip) – (down the line position)

It is also helpful if you let me know what kind of ball striking problems you are having. You can also film yourself doing the drills. This is helpful to insure that you are doing the drills properly.

Then you can upload the video to youtube as a private video if you do not want anybody else to see it, and then send me the link to (at sign)

You can also email the video to me at the email address listed above. Favored video formats when you email them are QuickTime Movie (.mov) MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v), or MPEG-2, however I can work with most all formats. Sending an .avi file by email is not advised as the file is usually very large. Best to convert it to MPEG-4 first which reduces the size of the file.

If you have an iPad you can use the golf swing analysis app ubersense which is free, and you can share the video with me there.

Other options are also fine, dropbox, vimeo, etc… It is best if I am able to download the video so that I can better analyze it.

In some cases I will quickly provide written advise, and other times I will provide a video analysis of your video. I just depends on what I think will best help you along the way to great ball striking!!

Please let me know if there are any further questions.