In the video below I show you how I use the Eyeline Putting Rail, and Mirror to build a great putting stroke. In 2014 I decided after the USGA/R&A ruling effectively banning the long putter that I would develop a great stroke with a short putter. Luckily I had ordered some putting rails, and mirrors from Eyeline Golf which I used for my golf school in Germany. So I decided to experiment with some of my customers to see what would have the best results. What I came up with was not only easy to follow, but it only took me around 5 to 10 minutes a few times a week to make a huge difference in my putting. In fact after a winter of practice indoors I improved my putting more than at any time in the previous 40+ years of golf.

My problem I learned around 10 years ago was that I had always unknowingly aimed my putter to the right of where I wanted the ball to start, and then was forced to close the putter face in order to get the ball started where I wanted. So my compensation for poor aim meant always closing the club face which is hard to replicate perfectly on every stroke. Especially when every putt is different. That compensation also makes it hard to get the speed correct.

My Putting Rail/Mirror training system fixed my need to close the club face, and helped me to feel what a square putter face at impact, and on the through swing felt like. In the spring after my winter of practice I putted better then I ever had before. Now today I go back to the rail occasionally to maintain the feel. Otherwise I just work on aiming properly, and distance control.  Please watch the video and let me know if you have any questions.

Kirk Junge



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