I have just launched my newest updated swing system which I have named Setup 4 Impact. It is very similar to my Minimalist and standard Same Plane swings. Basically setting up and making impact on the same plane, but has added definition for grip and setup as well. Also with an additional ball striking drill.

This is just an evolution on the swings that I have been teaching for the past twenty years, and the results have been very impressive. If you watch the videos below on this page you can get a good idea where I am going with simplifying the golf swing. Please let me know if you have any questions at any time.

There will also be many new videos added in the next couple of weeks. Now it is a bit of a rough draft, but the information presented will help you get started immediately.

I am also so sure that you will get great results with this swing that I am now offering a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on the monthly membership, and 90 days on the yearly. You will improve if you follow the simple drills. Members only need to go to the member section and then choose Setup 4 impact from the menu.

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The videos below demonstrate the simplicity of what I am teaching vs. what the top players do. Keeping in mind that all conventional golf instruction is based on what the top players do. That is why it is almost impossible for you to do it that way.


Happy Golfing!
Kirk Junge