Rory McIlroy - Setup

Rory McIlroy - Impact

The easiest way to improve at golf.

I have now been teaching the Single plane golf swing for over 20 years and am getting amazing results with my customers who commit to learning this easier way to swing a golf club. I feel that when presented with the facts it should be very easy to understand why it is an easier way to swing a golf club. I am still dumbfounded at golfers who spend thousands of dollars on lessons, schools, training aids and equipment without ever improving their games.

In the pictures above it should be easy to understand the change that happens in the relationship between the golf club and the arms from Setup vs. Impact. You can clearly see that at setup there is an angle between the right arm and golf club, which at impact disappears. That is why I have drawn yellow lines up the golf shaft in both pictures. So what's the big deal you might ask? It is actually quite simple. When two lines that form an angle are adjusted to form a straight line the length from one end of the line to the other becomes LONGER. In this case if you measured from Rory's right elbow at setup to the clubhead you would find that it is somewhat shorter than it is at impact. I calculated it at around 4 inches. Meaning that somehow this must be accounted for in the golf swing. Obviously Rory does a great job at it most of the time. Of course hitting 5 million golf shots in his lifetime may help with that.

Most golfers would never come close to being able to hit it like Rory even after 5 million practice shots. He is one in 10 million that become great at compensating for the change that happens from setup to impact.

Lucky for you that I have a MUCH easier way for you to learn to make great impact. Just setup with the club in the alignment it will be in at impact. Just setting up on your impact plane will improve your ball striking for many people overnight. My main goal when working with people in my Single Plane golf schools, private lessons, and online learning membership is to help them improve as quickly as possible. Every customer in my 3-day Single Plane golf schools leave in a better position to play golf than when they came in on the first day. This is accomplished by setting up in close to the impact position with the trailing arm setup on the same plane as the club as you can see in the impact video above.

In the video below I show you why I believe it is impossible for most people to improve at golf.




Then in the video below I show you how to simplify your current swing.

Cincinnati 3-Day School - June 26th - 28th - 2 spots left. This school will will include my complete learning system, use of Video analysis, Flightscope X3 analysis, and on course instruction..Click here for morel info


New!! West Palm Beach, FL 3-Day school just added for  - July 17th to 19th This school includes video, and Flightscope X3 analysis and on course instruction. Click here for more info  


3-Day Setup 4 Impact Golf Schools with Kirk Junge in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Each school limited to 4 or 5 customers. School held entirely outside with extra space for each person. 

All current 3-Day school dates can be found on my new website. Click here - 3-Day school info

The 3-Day schools will include video and Flightscope X3 analysis as well as on the course instruction. School fee includes Lunch, golf course, and range fees. There will be instruction for a 9 hole round on Saturday after lunch with the option to play an additional 9 holes after the school. If you opt to not play the second 9 there will be a 30 to 45 minute practice session with Kirk possible after the round.

Covid 19 Precautions - This school will take place entirely outside and we will keep ample distance between each customer and I

Schools will be taught at the Village Golf club, 122 country club dr., Royal Palm Beach, Florida. (12 miles from downtown West Palm Beach)

West Palm Beach School info page