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Anyone can improve their game before their next round. Just setup so that you need fewer compensations to make great impact. Stop copying the pros you see on TV. They hit millions of balls become good at what is impossible for everyone else. Get started today at https://learninggolf.tv and simplify your golf swing.

Setting up for impact improves your golf swing without having to practice for many years to learn it. Many play better their next time out. Setup 4 Impact Golf is the Single/One Plane golf swing that gives you maximum distance and accuracy so you can very quickly improve your golf game without having to work on your swing for many years.

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My 3-Day Setup 4 Impact golf schools are having tremendous success in helping people improve their golf games. In the schools, I customize the method to fit each individual golfer. My main goal is to have each customer leave the school already improved and with a simple to follow plan on how to practice properly going forward.