In the video below I wanted to clear up a misunderstanding some people are having. Many have asked if my Single Plane Setup 4 Impact golf swing is actually the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing in disguise. I list the four main differences between the two methods and explain how I think that the Setup 4 Impact swing is far easier to learn. Mainly it is customizable to each individual and takes into account their prior golf history as well as their body size, and flexibility. No two people will ever swing exactly the same!

Please watch the video and let me know what you think. If you cannot see the video below you can use the following link.

Top Benefits of the Single Plane Setup 4 Impact golf swing, and membership to

    1. Easily customize the swing to fit each individual golfer regardless of age, and physical condition.


    1. Easy to follow learning program let’s you first learn how to move properly at home with easy to do slow motion drills.


    1. You will know exactly how you should be swinging the club


    1. You get full access to Kirk Junge by email, webinars, and submitting videos to him through the Internet. People pay thousands of dollars for access to Kirk.


    1. Club moves on one plane back and through, not multiple planes which is way to complicated for normal (non pga tour golfers)


    1. Setup and grip guarantee a square clubface through impact, which gives you more distance with the same swing speed you have always had. Of course you get more accuracy as well. A square clubface hits the ball farther, and straighter.


    1. Unlike the traditional swing there is no compression on the spine. This is because we teach you to keep your hips level from setup through impact, and the traditional swing has the hips rising through impact, while the head moves down.


    1. Easiest swing on the Arms, Elbows, Legs and knees. The knees start and stay bent from setup through impact, and the feet stay in contact with the ground. We use the ground to generate more speed, instead of pushing upward with the feet as in the traditional swing.


    1. Also learn the simplest way to chip, pitch, and hit bunker shots.


  1. Groove the perfect putting stroke at home, with a simple to follow program. Never worry about missing 3 footers again.