3-Day Setup 4 Impact golf school info page for Cincinnati.


Tri County Golf Ranch, 455 Tri County Pkwy
Cincinnati, OH 45246 https://www.tricountygolfranch.com/

Closest Airports

Two airport possibilities are CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky) 35 minute drive to Tri County Golf Ranch. and DAY (Dayton, Ohio) 53 minute drive to Tri County Golf Ranch



If you have not yet booked a hotel you can use the map below. Hovering over the price also shows the rating.



My favorite is the Montgomery Inn which has the best bbq ribs that I have ever eaten. They are world famous for them.


When you pull in to the facility you will see the clubhouse. Walk to the left of the clubhouse and you will see the range to the left. I will be there looking to meet you.

More info

 We will take a lunch break each day around 12:00.

Sunscreen is also recommended as well as hats as the sun can be quite strong in the summer months.

In case of rain there is also a covered area that we can use.

If you only wanted to bring a few clubs then that is also okay. In that case I would recommend Putter, SW, 9iron, 7iron, Rescue, FW wood, Driver, and any other clubs you would like to use.


Normal schedule Day 1, 9 AM to 4 PM (Finishing times often are 1/2 to one hour later, depends on the group, I like to take as much time as needed for each part.), Day 2,  9 AM to 3 PM, Day 3, 9 AM to 2:30 PM. (end times are approximate based on past schools. Schools with 5 people could go longer, with 4 or fewer people slightly shorter)

I plan on starting at 9 AM each day. It is helpful for most people before the school to review the grip, setup, impact and drills videos. These are located in the member's section of the website.  It is not a must to know the drills though as some people prefer to make sure they do everything perfect from the beginning. It will work fine either way. There is also a lot of free info on my Youtube channel.

The main instruction for the school is finished by Day 3,  at lunchtime. After lunch is spent reviewing, and making sure that each individual knows exactly what they need to do after the school is finished. We will also spend time making sure that every question has been answered and fine-tuning what you have learned. Some people often leave after lunch to catch flights so if you are in that boat you will not miss any important points. The schedule can change due to weather so some schedule juggling can occur.

This will not be a golf ball beating experience. It is about learning step by step how to setup and move properly. So we will be doing a lot of drills with slower swings and some without even hitting golf balls. Once you feel comfortable with each drill we are working on you should take a break and sit down and make some notes if you like, or just relax. We will also cover Putting, Chipping, Pitching, and Bunker shots during the school, as well as all clubs you need in a round of golf like the Driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges.

My main goal with the schools is to make sure that you know what you need to do going forward to improve your golf game. How to do the drills properly, how to practice, and also how to submit videos to me after the school.

Please let me know anytime you have a question during the school. It is important to me that every question is answered so that you have no doubt as to what you need to do moving forward after the school. If you find yourself getting frustrated during the school then let me know, or take a break and sit down for a few minutes.

If possible please have the V1 golf app (not V1 pro) on your phone, or tablet. It is free on Apple, and Android devices. If you do not have either it is okay. I will be showing step by step how to use this very valuable technology.

Contact Kirk at any time through the form at the bottom of this page, or by email at learninggolf.tv ---at--- gmail(dot)com

3-Day Setup 4 Impact Golf Schools with Kirk Junge in Cincinnati, Ohio.

New dates:

May 14 - 16, 2021

This school will will include my complete learning system, use of Video analysis, Flightscope X3 analysis, and one session of on the course instruction on the very nice par 3 course. This is to discuss course management and is not a tournament. 🙂

This school will take place entirely outside and we will keep ample distance between each customer. I have also limited the school to the first 5 who sign up.  Lunch will also likely be outside. For this facility due to the Covid 19 virus we order sandwiches in the morning to be delivered around noon.

Schools will be taught at the Tri County Golf Ranch, 455 East Tri County Pkwy
Cincinnati, OH 45246 https://www.tricountygolfranch.com/

This location also features a well protected covered hitting area should it rain.

Cincinnati School info page - Click here

Limited to the first 5 people who sign up. Taught exclusively by Kirk Junge.

Platinum members should email me before payment to get their accumulated school credit figured in.
All current 3-Day school dates can be found on my new website. Click here - 3-Day school info  

Contact Kirk for more info on Cincinnati Schools