Dr. Sharon Barley

Dr. Sharon Barley was a top-level, multi-sport athlete in her early adult life. She competed in martial arts, weight lifting, and archery. She won a weight lifting competition in the deadlift and bench press at 18, earned her black belt in Kung Fu at 22, and went on to compete in archery in college. She was on 4 time U.S. Olympic Festival Team member, trained briefly at the Colorado Olympic Training Center in archery, and in 1986 won the Gold Medal in the Olympic Festival Games placing her as the #1 Archer in the United States.
Sharon continued to participate in multiple sports including snow and water skiing, mountain climbing, and backpacking on long trips into the wilderness regions of the Catskills and Adirondacks.

In 2006, she started a consulting business for leadership development and coaching and entered clergy ministry part-time, after earning a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry Degree. She has been a United Methodist and UCC Pastor serving seven different churches as an Intentional Interim. Her multi-sport interests Ans compassion to help others realize their dreams narrowed to one single sport and passion: all things Golf.Sharon played golf in high school, then picked up the game again mid-career. She decided to study the mental game of golf and performance improvement, given her training in human motivation and assessments, knowing how much the mind impacts the outcomes of any sport. Thinking she could help others improve their game, she went on to train as a Professional Golf Teacher with the United States Golf Teaching Federation, earning a Level III Coaching/Teaching Certification.Recently, she connected with the Graves Golf Academy and studied the Moe Norman Single Plane Swing. She was able to combine all her athletic training in mindfulness and biomechanics to performance improvement.

Sharon had this to say shortly after learning my Setup 4 Impact golf swing." I spent the last 9 months learning the Single Plane Swing through the Graves GA. They have a system of teaching that is quite difficult to learn in their quest to replicate Moe Norman exactly (he hit thousands of balls a day). However, recently, I discovered Kirk Junge! He used to be one of their instructors, and teaches a much easier way to the one plane swing for impact. It is simple, and not driven by a huge push to sell clubs or demand a “one-way or the highway” kind of training. I Love my “Setup 4 Impact Single plane swing” and I’m starting to see great results!"

Dr. Barley is thrilled to be a part of the Manor Golf Club as one of their golf teaching professionals. She will be launching new opportunities for group clinics, learning the single or one plane swing, and growing women’s participation in golf.Sharon is married and lives in Adamstown, Pa. She has a daughter, Micaiah in her first year at Harvard Law School; and a son, Ben who is in his third year at Temple University.

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Please keep in mind that  Setup 4 impact Golf swing lessons are FAR more effective than conventional golf swing lessons. In many cases, my students are very satisfied after just a couple of lessons. Most golfers never improve playing conventional golf even after taking years of lessons. Many of my customers had taken thousands of dollars of lessons with no improvement. With Setup 4 Impact Golf you will definitely improve without the need to take lessons forever. With the video analysis, you will see your improvement as we work on your swing. You will be able to compare your swing before we started to how it is now. You can and WILL improve!!!.

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