Bryson DeChambeau wins John Deere Classic! Golf swing comparison with Setup 4 Impact.

Bryson DeChambeau became the first player who swings on the same plane throughout the golf swing to win on the PGA tour yesterday at the 2017 John Deere Classic.

He also is the first to play single length irons to win on tour as all his irons are the length of a 7 iron. His swing is VERY similar to my Setup 4 Impact golf swing, and Bryson has even been an influence on my teaching.

After many years studying and teaching the Moe Norman swing, Bryson showed that the concept of setting up and making impact on the same plane will work even if you setup very close to the ball, and much more upright. In fact it actually make it easier to hit great golf shots for most people.

There is no need to have to move down toward the ball coming into impact like Moe did in order to hit great shots. You can stay level with your hips, and head and it works wonders on simplifying the golf swing, and increasing the consistency of any golfer's shots.



My Setup 4 Impact golf swing can improve every aspect of your game, as it is the easiest golf swing to learn ever developed. This is because you can customize the method easily to fit your own needs.

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