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3-Day "Setup 4 Impact" Learn and Play - Golf school - West Palm Beach, FL.  

This 3-day School will focus on customizing the Setup 4 Impact method to fit each individual golfer. We will cover full swing technique, short game, and spend much of the school on the golf course applying what you have learned so that you can play better golf. The School will be taught by "Setup 4 Impact" inventor Kirk Junge.

Kirk will be guiding you through the easy to learn "Setup 4 Impact" learning program. This is without a doubt the easiest way to swing a golf club. He will cover every aspect of the game. You can see below everything that is included in the school. This school will be strictly limited to the first six golfers who sign up. We look forward to helping you reach and surpass all of your golfing goals.


Included in the school.

  • 12 hours of technique training
  • 18 holes of on course training with Kirk
  • option to play additional 18 holes
  • All Cart, green fees (36 holes), and range fees.
  • Lunch with Kirk
  • Learn how to practice effectively.
  • Learning the swing building drills
  • Chipping Fundamental Instruction
  • Pitching Fundamental Instruction
  • Putting Fundamental Instruction
  • Ball striking drills
  • Advanced ball striking drills
  • Individual Video Analysis and swing customization
  • Driver and Fairway Wood Instruction
  • Club Fitting analysis
  • Using video for feedback session
  • Flightscope X3 analysis when necessary
  • Round Preparation / Pre-shot Routine
  • Course Management Instruction
  • Discussion on comparable swings ie.Ben Hogan, Bryson Dechambeau, and Moe Norman.
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Includes lifetime membership to

It is recommended to bring along your phone, or tablet that you would use to shoot video of your golf swing and have the V1 golf app installed on it.

Planned schedule for the school. The schedule can change due to weather or other unforeseen factors.


9am - 12 noon — Learning Steps 1 through 6 from the Setup 4 Impact golf learning program. You can start before the school at home if you wish.

13:00 warm up - 13:30 9 hole playing lesson - option to play additional 9 holes after the school included. Those not playing additional holes can get additional help as needed from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm time permitting


9am - 12 noon — Swing and Short game training sessions. Customization and video analysis.

13:00 warm up - 13:30 9 hole playing lesson - option to play additional 9 holes after the school included. Those not playing additional holes can get additional help as needed from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm time permitting

Those not playing additional holes can get additional help as needed from 4pm to 5pm time permitting

Sunday - 8:30 - 11:30 Swing, Drills, short game training. Flightscope and Video analysis.

12:30 - 2:30 Individual training sessions making sure each golfer understands exactly how to practice and play when they get home.

3-Day Setup 4 Impact Golf Schools with Kirk Junge in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Each school limited to 4 or 5 customers. School held entirely outside with extra space for each person. 

All current 3-Day school dates can be found on my new website. Click here - 3-Day school info

The 3-Day schools will include video and Flightscope X3 analysis as well as on the course instruction. School fee includes Lunch, golf course, and range fees. There will be instruction for a 9 hole round on Saturday after lunch with the option to play an additional 9 holes after the school. If you opt to not play the second 9 there will be a 30 to 45 minute practice session with Kirk possible after the round.

Covid 19 Precautions - This school will take place entirely outside and we will keep ample distance between each customer and I

Schools will be taught at the Village Golf club, 122 country club dr., Royal Palm Beach, Florida. (12 miles from downtown West Palm Beach)

West Palm Beach School info page

Non-members of also receive a free lifetime membership. Contact us after signing up for the school and let us know what username you would like for your account. Current members of receive 50% credit after signing up. So If you paid $149.95 you get a $70 refund. 

Cincinnati 3-Day School - June 26th - 28th - 2 spots left. This school will will include my complete learning system, use of Video analysis, Flightscope X3 analysis, and on course instruction..Click here for morel info


New!! West Palm Beach, FL 3-Day school just added for  - July 17th to 19th This school includes video, and Flightscope X3 analysis and on course instruction. Click here for more info  


In early-January, 2020, I had the privilege of attending Kirk Junge's 3-Day Golf School in West Palm Beach, Florida. Over the past fifty years, I have taken lessons from some of the game's most acclaimed instructors throughout the country, but I can say, without reservation, that the three days I spent working with Kirk Junge stand out as the best golf learning experience of my life. Kirk has a unique way of communicating his wonderful method of play. He simplifies the learning process to the point where anyone can improve their game. After my 3-day experience, I reached a point where I could "feel" the rhythm in my swing. For years, I had struggled with an early release of the club head. By positioning my hands differently on the club and working to swing on a single plane, I now feel the proper sequence and have taken it to the course with confidence. Thanks, Kirk! Your schools are the "best value" going when it comes to golf instruction! Dale P.

Dale P.

Hi Kirk,
I just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous 3 day single plane swing school. I have taken hundreds of hours of lessons in my 71 years and I think these 3 days surpassed any instruction that I have ever received. As we discussed , I have been struggling to find a swing that will give me consistent ball contact to enjoy this game and not adversely affect my aging body. Well, if my progress after practicing your drills and completing this school is any indication, I am sold on this technique.
The other aspects of the school which were so important to me, was how to practice, how to go from practice to swinging without technical thoughts and the ability to send in videos for  your analysis.
Bottom line, after 3 days I walked away with no question unanswered about swing theory, equipment, training aids, practice and mental aspects of golf. I’m looking forward to reviewing my progress with some videos and a lesson after some practice and the real test on the course.
Enjoy your holiday in Germany. Looking forward to talking soon!
Kind Regards,
Paul S.

Paul S.

Hello Kirk,

I switched to the single plane swing 12 months ago, attended your school 10 months ago, broke 80 for the first time with the new swing 8 months ago, shot 75  3 months ago, and today broke par for the first time since my 30’s with a -2 69! Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with the results of the last year, as shooting par or better was a major goal for me when I signed up for your instruction. I knew I couldn’t get there in my 50’s and 60’s with my traditional swing, but now I feel like there are a lot of good rounds ahead.
Best Regards,
J. H.
J. H.

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School Cancellation Policy.

Applies to all schools

If cancellation is 21 days or more prior to the start of the school.

You can be refunded the total minus a $150 administration fee, or get a certificate (same dollar amount) for a future school at no additional cost. The certificate could be used for any school or private lessons.

If cancellation is less than 21 days before the school then it is non-refundable unless I can find a replacement before the school. If a replacement is found you can choose between a refund minus a $150 administration fee, or a certificate (same dollar amount) for a future school at no additional charge. The certificate could be used for any school or private lessons.


While we cannot control the weather. We will make every effort to complete school by working around bad weather. Should we not be able to complete the full curriculum due to weather then a certificate will be issued to cover the missed time. The certificate could be used for any school or private lessons.