June 4, 2019 Webinar - 11:00 AM (EST - USA east coast)

In the future, I will move the webinars to a time that is more convenient for more members. I am currently in Europe much of the year but plan to move back full time to the USA in Fall 2019 at which time the Webinars will move to the early evening hours.

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3-Day Setup 4 Impact Golf Schools with Kirk Junge in Cincinnati, Ohio.

New dates:

May 14 - 16, 2021

This school will will include my complete learning system, use of Video analysis, Flightscope X3 analysis, and one session of on the course instruction on the very nice par 3 course. This is to discuss course management and is not a tournament. 🙂

This school will take place entirely outside and we will keep ample distance between each customer. I have also limited the school to the first 5 who sign up.  Lunch will also likely be outside. For this facility due to the Covid 19 virus we order sandwiches in the morning to be delivered around noon.

Schools will be taught at the Tri County Golf Ranch, 455 East Tri County Pkwy
Cincinnati, OH 45246 https://www.tricountygolfranch.com/

This location also features a well protected covered hitting area should it rain.

Cincinnati School info page - Click here

Limited to the first 5 people who sign up. Taught exclusively by Kirk Junge.

Platinum members should email me before payment to get their accumulated school credit figured in.
All current 3-Day school dates can be found on my new website. Click here - 3-Day school info