Pictures above show me, Kirk Junge (Learninggolf.Tv learning system founder) at setup, top of the backswing, and at impact.

Notice that my club on the same plane in each of the three positions. This is a very simple concept that everybody should see as being easier.

I call this simple concept Setup 4 Impact because we are simply setting up in very close to our impact position. The only difference is that our bodies are a bit more turned toward the target at impact than at setup. This is what helps you to hit the ball farther, and with more accuracy.

Setting up for impact is also what PGA tour player Bryson DeChambeau does. He used physics to come up with his golf swing which perfectly resembles what I have been teaching for over 20 years now. He has leapfrogged over hundreds of players on the world rankings to number 61 in the world due to the simplicity of this concept.

Of course, there are all the other tour players who do it differently. The swings used by them, and taught by 99.9% of the golf pros in the world is based on how the best players have always setup to the ball going back 150 years. The philosophy has always been to just copy the best players and so of course this is what has been taught from one generation to the next. The problem is that it is VIRTUALLY impossible for an adult to ever learn to do what these best players do. You have to learn that as a child, and even then only one in a million make it onto the tour. That is evidence of the failure of conventional teaching. They teach you to setup with your arms hanging from the shoulders, and the club out at an angle from your arms. Then to make impact you need to account for the fact that the club will be in line with your trailing arm because of the force of the swing. So you have to make space for this change in one of a hundered possible ways. All of which make it almost impossible to deliver the club properly for a perfect shot. The setup taught for the last 150 years is THE PROBLEM causing golfers such frustration. Setup 4 Impact will change this and make golf fun again for anybody who makes the simple change.

Setup 4 Impact makes it far easier for people to improve at the game without having to hit millions of golf shots. Many people improve immediately upon changing their setup. How GREAT is that?

This is not to mention the fact that many of these golfers are injuring their backs because of the compression they are putting on their spines through impact. The compression happens due to hips/pelvis rising into impact, while the head moves down. This compresses the spine, while the golfer is rotating as fast as possible around it.

The swing I teach will put zero compression on the spine.

My learning system is different in many ways from conventional instruction. It will work for anybody who wants to improve their game. It is based on Minimizing movement necessary to hit great golf shots.

Your accuracy and average distance will improve if you follow my program.

I guarantee it for 60 to 90 days depending on which membership you choose.

My videos are easy to follow along with, and you can work at your own pace. I repeat the drills many times so that you can follow along, and move just like you see me moving.

My Setup 4 Impact Golf Swing is a merging of the two earlier similar systems that I taught. Think of it as an upgrade, and blending of the two. It is also highly customizable to fit each individual golfer. There is a complete section of videos showing you how you can customize the setup to fit your own needs. Most of the info is the same. It is just updated, and drill one has changed slightly, as well as one additional ball striking drill.

There is more emphasis also on a couple of key setup points.All you need to do is learn how to setup to make it easier to get back through impact. Then do the simple easy to follow drills, which can be done at home.

When you go practice you can do the ball striking drills. Regular practice will get you hitting the ball better. Guaranteed.I know of no other system which gives you the benefit of both feedback (as a member you can submit up to two videos per day for my feedback through the V1 golf app), and being able to ask as many questions as you like, at even close to the price I am offering it at.My number one goal is to make you a better golfer.Regardless of your age, health, or experience.

Let's get started today!


Kirk Junge

Comparison of the easier to learn Setup 4 Impact golf swing with the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing. Important differences that make improvement almost instant.     .

Top Benefits of the Setup 4 Impact golf swing, and membership to

  1. Easily customize the swing to fit each individual golfer regardless of age, and physical condition.
  2. Easy to follow learning program let’s you first learn how to move properly at home with easy to do slow motion drills.
  3. You will know exactly how you should be swinging the club.
  4. You get full access to Kirk Junge by email, webinars, and submitting videos to him through the Internet. People pay thousands of dollars for private lessons from Kirk, and he takes the time to answer every question himself.
  5. Club moves on one plane back and through, not multiple planes which is way too complicated for normal (non pga tour golfers)
  6. Setup and grip guarantee a square clubface through impact, which gives you more distance with the same swing speed you have always had. Of course, you get more accuracy as well. A square clubface hits the ball farther, and straighter.
  7. Unlike the traditional swing there is no compression on the spine. This is because we teach you to keep your hips level from setup through impact, and the traditional swing has the hips rising through impact, while the head moves down.
  8. Easiest swing on the Arms, Elbows, Legs and knees. This is because we eliminate all compensations in the golf swing through the setup. All you need to do is follow the drills to develop a simple easy to repeat golf swing.
  9. Also learn the simplest way to chip, pitch, and hit bunker shots.
  10. Groove the perfect putting stroke at home, with a simple to follow program. Never worry about missing 3 footers again.

Every day, I help my students achieving amazing results from the Setup 4 Impact Golf Swing. And in this video training program, that’s EXACTLY what I’d like to do for you too…

The video below is the first video from my Youtube series giving more detail on my Setup 4 Impact Golf swing.


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Hi Kirk, I can’t tell you how delighted I am to have signed up for your program. When I first heard of Moe and saw the online videos I was fascinated, as I could never get a conventional swing to work for me. I could never be consistent. I was a former professional rugby player and have done many sports and golf frustrated me as I was unable to improve beyond 17-18 handicap. However I feel like the single plane swing is so much more natural and easier for me. It has been a revelation. Last weekend I went to a course and used the swing for the first time in completion. I actually shot an 82 on a par 70 Championship course. I had never broken 90 before in a competition so you can imagine how delighted I am. I was consistently hitting 5 and 6 irons into par 5’s, which is incredible.

What has amazed me has been the ball flight, which is now so straight. My irons are also so high, as I have also had a high trajectory in my swing, but now they just soar through the air. I have also completely eliminated any chance of a slice, my only miss is a pull. The ball never goes right, except very occasionally off to the right in a straight push, but none of the slice ball flight, which is tremendous. I am consistently hitting the driver into the fairway, with significant distance around 280m+ and have never had to hit so many wedges into greens in my life!!! Which is a great thing or course and I hit about 200 balls today just focused on wedge shots. My only issue with wedges is that I occasionally get them a little heavy and take a big divot. I will get some video shortly on that from grass.

I know you will get these types of emails from many people, please appreciate that you have made my life significantly more enjoyable and I am grateful to you for that.

Rod K.

striking the ball even better and gaining more distance

Hi Kirk,
A few days ago I accidentally found you on you tube and watched some of your video's. I have been struggling with my golf game for a very long time. At my peak a few years ago I was a 5 hcp from the blue tee's and although I realize it is common to decline some with age I am now a 15 hcp and golf is just not fun like it used to be. My swing and ball striking has gotten so far off I am just lost and just about to give up the game. After watching the single plane swing video's I was already going to the driving range that day and decided to try your method. After hitting a few balls to warm up I noticed I was striking the ball better than I had in years and the distance I had lost which was about 3 clubs was back. I couldn't believe it. I started cranking the swing up a little and was striking the ball even better and gaining more distance. When I went to a full swing it was the same thing. I was amazed, to say the least. I subscribed to your site and have been watching the video's and practicing the drills. It has been raining here for the past 2 day's, so I haven't been able to take it to the course yet, but I am sure looking forward to my first round with the new swing. I used to win all the bets with my buddies. In fact, they all complained that I win all the time, but that went south, but I think I will be in the winner's circle again with the single plane swing. I am 77 years old.

David Y.