Pictures above show me, Kirk Junge (Learninggolf.Tv learning system founder) at setup, top of backswing, and at impact.

Notice that my club on the same plane in each of the three positions. This is a very simple concept that almost anybody should see as being easier.

Most PGA tour players would be on a different plane in each of the positions in the picture above. The top pros which most people seem to want to copy, setup with the hands much lower than where they will make impact, and with the shaft of the club on a flatter plane then the trailing arm. When the club shaft becomes aligned with the trail arm on the same plane at impact they must by pushing off the ground with their trailing foot, which raises the hips about coming into impact. When the angle from setup becomes straight, this must be compensated for. It is my experience that very few amateurs ever become good at this move. Not to mention the fact that many of these golfers are injuring their backs because of the compression they are putting on their spines through impact. The compression happens due to hips/pelvis rising into impact, while the head moves down. This compresses the spine, while the golfer is rotating as fast as possible around it.

The swing I teach will put zero compression on the spine.

Are you still trying to swing like the PGA tour pros?

Do you think it is even possible to swing like Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, or any of the other top players?

Well this is exactly what conventional instruction tries to do. They have you setup just like they do. Make your backswing just like they do, etc….

Aren’t you sick and tired of trying to copy them?

There is OF COURSE a big problem with this idea. It is close to impossible for you to ever have success trying to swing like they do. Because they learned at a very young age how to compensate for such a grip and setup that they were taught. They are incredibly fit from working out every single day, and they hit hundreds of golf balls every single day. They are young and flexible.

From my experience in 30 years of teaching golf you cannot have much success doing it like they are unless you started very young, and even then at some point your body is going to break down from the stresses of the conventional swing. Stresses that can be completely avoided.

My learning system is different in many ways from conventional instruction. It will work for anybody who wants to improve their game. It is based on Minimizing movement necessary to hit great golf shots.

Your accuracy, and average distance will improve if you follow my program.

I guarantee it for 60 to 90 days depending on which membership you choose.

My videos are easy to follow along with, and you can work at your own pace. I repeat the drills many times so that you can follow along, and move just like you see me moving.

My Setup 4 Impact Golf Swing is a merging of the two earlier similar systems that I taught. Think of it as an upgrade, and blending of the two. It is also highly customizable to fit each individual golfer. There is a complete section of videos showing you how you can customize the setup to fit your own needs. Most of the info is the same. It is just updated, and drill one has changed slightly, as well as one additional ball striking drill.

There is more emphasis also on a couple of key setup points.All you need to do is learn how to setup to make it easier to get back through impact. Then do the simple easy to follow drills, which can be done at home.

When you go practice you can do the ball striking drills. Regular practice will get you hitting the ball better. Guaranteed.I know of no other system which gives you the benefit of both feedback (as a member you can submit up to two videos per day for my feedback through the V1 golf app), and being able to ask as many questions as you like, at even close to the price I am offering it at.My number one goal is to make you a better golfer.Regardless of your age, health, or experience.

Let's get started today!

Comparison of the easier to learn Setup 4 Impact golf swing with the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing. Important differences that make improvement almost instant.     .

Top Benefits of the Setup 4 Impact golf swing, and membership to

  1. Easily customize the swing to fit each individual golfer regardless of age, and physical condition.
  2. Easy to follow learning program let’s you first learn how to move properly at home with easy to do slow motion drills.
  3. You will know exactly how you should be swinging the club.
  4. You get full access to Kirk Junge by email, webinars, and submitting videos to him through the Internet. People pay thousands of dollars for private lessons from Kirk, and he takes the time to answer every question himself.
  5. Club moves on one plane back and through, not multiple planes which is way too complicated for normal (non pga tour golfers)
  6. Setup and grip guarantee a square clubface through impact, which gives you more distance with the same swing speed you have always had. Of course, you get more accuracy as well. A square clubface hits the ball farther, and straighter.
  7. Unlike the traditional swing there is no compression on the spine. This is because we teach you to keep your hips level from setup through impact, and the traditional swing has the hips rising through impact, while the head moves down.
  8. Easiest swing on the Arms, Elbows, Legs and knees. This is because we eliminate all compensations in the golf swing through the setup. All you need to do is follow the drills to develop a simple easy to repeat golf swing.
  9. Also learn the simplest way to chip, pitch, and hit bunker shots.
  10. Groove the perfect putting stroke at home, with a simple to follow program. Never worry about missing 3 footers again.

Every day, I help my students achieving amazing results from the Setup 4 Impact Golf Swing. And in this video training program, that’s EXACTLY what I’d like to do for you too…

The video below is the first video from my Youtube series giving more detail on my Setup 4 Impact Golf swing.