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The monthly, yearly, and lifetime memberships give you access to all paid videos on the website, plus all videos to be released as you long as you are a member.

You also get full support as long as your a member. You will in most cases receive answers to questions in less than 24 hours (in many cases less than an hour), and you may submit up to 2 videos of your swing, or yourself doing the drills per day for review by Kirk Junge up to 2 X per week through the free V1 golf app. Further instructions are in the Member's section under "Submit Videos".

You may cancel your membership at any time up until the next billing. Simply send us an email and we will send you the cancelation link. So if you cancel ten minutes before the charge would go through then you will not be charged again.

Sign up below now, and get started today! $89.95 USD / Yearly.   You now have first a 14 day trial period and then a 30-day satisfaction guarantee from the date of first payment with this membership. I know for certain if you give it a serious try YOU DEFINITELY WILL IMPROVE. GUARANTEED!!

If you wish to pay by Credit card simply fill out the form below with the following info, For PayPal scroll down the page below this section.


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  11. Then click remember me if you are on your normal computer
  12. Then click Add.
  13. If you want email updates from us only then leave the box checked under Checkout now.
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For Payment by paypal do not fill in the form above, click the button below.

With Paypal you can pay with your credit card, bank account, or Paypal balance. $89.95 USD / Yearly - 14 day free trial, then 90 day satisfaction guarantee

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