Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing training group – West Palm Beach, Florida

Starting immediately I will be offering group training for all aspects of the Moe Norman golf swing. These will be similar to the one and two day single plane schools, except all customers are required to have prior experience with at least one single plane school, or lessons on the single plane golf swing.

Starting out these training days will be offered on every second, or third Saturday morning. The cost will be $199 per session, which with 4 or 5 customers will last around 4 hours. 2 or 3 customers will have 3 hours of training, and should only one person sign up we will still do 2 hours of private training. Training will begin at 8AM on Saturdays at the Village Golf Club in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. You can save up to 17% by paying for more sessions at once.

The group training will cover full swing subjects such as short irons, mid irons, long irons, hybrid, fairways wood shots, and of course Driver. Short game shots such as varying chip shots, pitch shots both high and low, and of varying distances, and bunker shots. Putting will include short putts, distance control, reading greens, and putting from off the green.

Each training session will be somewhat different than the one before, and we will build upon what you learned previously, and instruction will also be individually tailored to each customer. You will also get my recommendations by email for you individually after each training session.

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