3-Day Setup 4 Impact golf school info page.



The Village Golf Club

122 country club dr.

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411



Closest Airports

Palm Beach International (PBI) 12 miles from the golf course. 25-minute drive.

Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport (FLL) 58 miles from the golf course - One hour drive.

Miami International Airport. (MIA) 75 miles from the golf course. Eighty-minute drive.



From either the Florida Turnpike or I-95 you would exit at Okeechobee Rd. and drive west into Royal Palm Beach, You would turn right (North) on Royal Palm Beach, Blvd, and ½ mile up turn right onto Country club drive.



If you have not yet booked a hotel the recommended Hotels are:

Royal Inn Hotel - Royal Palm Beach - Less expensive not as nice as the others. Closest to the golf course. 8 minutes. https://www.royalinnhotel.com

Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast - 13 minutes from golf club. http://southernpalmbandb.com

Hampton Inn West Palm Beach - Florida Turnpike. 14 minutes from golf club.https://hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en_US/hp/search/findhotels/index.htm

Hampton Inn and Suites Wellington - This is near the big Wellington on the Green Mall and many good restaurants. 17 minutes from Golf club.https://secure3.hilton.com/en_US/hp/reservation/book.htm?execution=e4s1

Downtown West Palm Beach is a 25-minute drive from the course if you want the best hotels and restaurants. The Hilton is new and the Marriot is also good downtown.

Singer Island Marriot and Hilton are also popular especially if you are bringing the family along as they are right on the beach.

More will be added in the future. Please contact Kirk with any questions.


Okeechobee Steak house is very popular and between the Golf course and downtown West Palm Beach.

Wellington on the Green Mall area has many very good restaurants.

PGA Blvd area restaurants, The Cooper - Spoto's Oyster Bar, Capital Grill, Cool'A Fishbar, Rocco's Tacos, J. Alexanders, Outback, Coolinary Cafe, plus many more to be added. The Cooper and Coolinary Cafe are my favorites.

City Place area downtown has many very good Restaurants.




When you pull in to the golf club the bag drop is on the right and the parking lot on the left. You can leave your clubs at the bag drop. Just tell the attendant that you are there for the school with Kirk. You can also see the range from the bag drop as where we will be practicing is only about 50 yards from there. I will also be looking for you on the first day to help.


More info

There is a bar and grill available right there at the club with water, soft drinks and a typical menu of burgers, sandwiches, soup, etc. We will take a lunch break each day around 12:30. There is also a cooler with ice, and water where you can fill up with free water.

Sunscreen is also recommended as well as hats as the sun can be quite strong any time of year.

If you only wanted to bring a few clubs then that is also okay. In that case I would recommend Putter, SW, 9iron, 7iron, Rescue, FW wood, Driver, and any other clubs you would like to use.


Membership and Video submission

If you do not have a login to the membership section of the website please contact me and I will set up your lifetime membership account at no extra charge. This is included in the price of the school. This will also serve as insurance that you can fall back on as nobody can remember all the info presented at the school. When you refer back to the website after the school it will make even more sense to you. Plus you will always have the ability to submit videos after the school for my review at no extra charge.

My main goal with the schools is to make sure that you know what you need to do going forward to improve your golf game. How to do the drills properly, how to practice, and also how to submit videos to me after the school.

Please let me know anytime you have a question during the school. It is important to me that every question is answered so that you have no doubt as to what you need to do moving forward after the school. If you find yourself getting frustrated during the school then let me know, or take a break and sit down for a few minutes.

If possible please have the V1 golf app (not V1 pro) on your phone, or tablet. It is free on Apple, and Android devices. If you do not have either it is okay. I will be showing step by step how to use this very valuable technology.



Normal schedule Friday 9 AM to 4 PM (often a half hour or so more depending on the group), Saturday 9 AM to 3 PM, Sunday 9 AM to 2 PM. (end times are approximate based on past schools. Schools with 5 people could go longer, with 4 or fewer people slightly shorter)

I plan on starting at 9 AM each day. It is helpful for most people before the school to review the grip, setup, impact and drills videos. These are located under the member’s menu under the heading “Start Here - Learning the Setup 4 Impact Golf swing” and then choose Path 1. It is not a must to know the drills though as some people prefer to make sure they do everything perfect from the beginning. It will work fine either way.

The main instruction for the school is finished by Sunday at lunchtime. After lunch is spent reviewing, and making sure that each individual knows exactly what they need to do after the school is finished. We will also spend time making sure that every question has been answered and fine-tuning what you have learned. Some people often leave after lunch to catch flights so if you are in that boat you will not miss any important points. The schedule can change due to weather so some schedule juggling can occur.

This will not be a golf ball beating experience. It is about learning step by step how to setup and move properly. So we will be doing a lot of drills with slower swings and some without even hitting golf balls. Once you feel comfortable with each drill we are working on you should take a break and sit down and make some notes if you like, or just relax. We will also cover Putting, Chipping, Pitching, and Bunker shots during the school, as well as all clubs you need in a round of golf like the Driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges.

You can also write down some questions you may have of me about the method before you get to the school so as to make sure that all are answered.

As stated when you signed up there are only five participants in the school as I want to provide the best school experience possible for each of you.

Contact Kirk at any time through learninggolf.tv@gmail.com