Pictures above show me, Kirk Junge (Learninggolf.Tv learning system founder) at setup, top of backswing, and at impact.


Notice that my club on the same plane in each of the three positions. This is a very simple concept that almost anybody should see as being easier.

Most PGA tour players would be on a different plane in each of the positions in the picture above.


The top pros which most people seem to want to copy, setup with the hands much lower than where they will make impact. To do this they must create space by pushing off the ground with their trailing foot, which raises the hips about 4 inches coming into impact. It is my experience that very few amateurs ever become good at this move. Not to mention the fact that many of these golfers are injuring their backs because of the compression they are putting on their spines through impact.


The swing I teach will put zero compression on the spine.


Are you still trying to swing like the PGA tour pros?


Do you think it is even possible to swing like Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, or any of the other top players?


Well this is exactly what conventional instruction tries to do. They have you setup just like they do. Make your backswing just like them, etc….


Aren’t you sick and tired of trying to copy them?


There is OF COURSE a big problem with this idea. It is close to impossible for you to ever have success trying to swing like they do. Because they learned at a very young age how to compensate for such a grip and setup that they were taught. They are incredibly fit from working out every single day, and they hit hundreds of golf balls every single day. They are young and flexible.


From my experience in 30 years of teaching golf you cannot have much success doing it like they are unless you started very young, and even then at some point your body is going to break down from the stresses of the conventional swing. Stresses that can be completely avoided.


My learning system is different in many ways from conventional instruction. It will work for anybody who wants to improve their game. It is based on Minimizing movement necessary to hit great golf shots. Your accuracy, and average distance will improve if you follow my program. I guarantee it for 60 to 90 days depending on which membership you choose.


My videos are easy to follow along with, and you can work at your own pace. I repeat the drills many times so that you can follow along, and move just like you see me moving.


You watch the video and move along with what you see me doing at the same time. This is proven to be the most effective way to learn. Most golf videos just tell, and show you what to do, and then expect you to go out and do it. I expect you to do the drills along with what you see me doing. You should watch me and do the drills at the same time.


I teach you how to hold the club so that it will automatically be square at impact. You will It is a very simple concept.  in a way that makes it easier to get great ball contact every single swing. I will teach you how to chip, pitch, hit bunker shots, and putt in the simplest manner possible. All based on my philosophy. Just Setup 4 Impact!!


Earlier methods which have series of learning videos are still in the member's area. The Minimalist same plane swing, and the normal same plane swing. Both of these are great systems that work with the concept of the new series called Setup 4 Impact. All have you setting up on the same plane that you make impact on.


My new series called Setup 4 Impact is just a merging of the two earlier systems. Most of the info is the same. It is just updated, and drill one has changed slightly, as well as one additional ball striking drill. There is more emphasis also on a couple of key setup points.


All you need to do is learn how to setup to make it easier to get back through impact. Then do the simple easy to follow drills, which can be done at home. When you go practice you can do the ball striking drills. Regular practice will get you hitting the ball better. Guaranteed.


You can also send me videos of your swing for my analysis. You can ask me questions at any time. I will be doing live webinar question and answer sessions in the near future. All included in your very inexpensive guaranteed membership.


I know of no other system which gives you the benefit of both feedback, and being able to ask as many questions as you like, at even close to the price I am offering it at.


My number one goal is to make you a better golfer.

Regardless of your age, health, or experience. Let's get started today!


Just choose one of the options below, and get started today.  Remember you can, and should start at home.


For more info you can also view the videos down below on this page.

New extended guarantee period. Those who try for at least 60 days are having the best success. In the past the 14 day trial period was not long enough for people to give this simple learning system a real trial. Now you have a 60, or 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Plus you get 14 days free starting out. Truly totally no risk because we are certain that you will have success if you give our simple method a try
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The videos below demonstrate the simplicity of what I am teaching vs. what the top players do. Keeping in mind that all conventional golf instruction is based on what the top players do. That is why it is almost impossible for you to do it that way.

Here's what you'll learn through my online video learning program.

In my videos, I'll teach you how to overcome the three biggest swing-related problems facing the average golfer.

I'll give you checkpoints to make sure you're at the right position throughout the swing. In short order, you'll be able to monitor your own swing and match it to the positions that I demonstrate.


But that's not all. I'll make sure that you learn

  • The set-up that automatically gives you the correct swing plane, the same plane you will be on at impact as well, and the secret to the incredible success rate of our system.. Once you get it, all the rest falls into place every time.

  • The perfect way to hold the club to enable maximum distance and accuracy

  • One simple setup key that will guarantee no more sliced golf shots

  • The importance of posture in your golf swing

  • You will finally learn how to move your hips properly, and when exactly you should move them

  • You will also learn how to fade and draw the ball at will.

  • I will show you how to take your game from the practice tee to the first tee effectively, so you can impress your playing partners.

  • The back swing that's radically different from the one 99% of all "average" golfers use and why it holds the key to consistency and distance.

  • How to finally make perfect pro like impact shot after shot, which will have you hitting the ball farther, and straighter then ever before.

  • The simple solution that automatically makes your timing perfect every time.

  • The trick that lets you forget about balance and makes achieving perfect balance almost like cheating.

  • You will learn exactly how your body, arms, and club should be positioned throughout every inch of the golf swing. It will simple and easy to learn as well. Just follow the simple drills.

  • How to stop hitting fat, thin, and topped golf shots.

  • You will learn how to hit perfect chips, pitches, bunker shots, and how to putt like a pro.

  • All of the above are guaranteed through the learning of the Single Plane golf swings that our system teaches.

  • As part of our program you also have the complete conventional golf swing learning system as well. Just in case you want to keep playing through the season conventionally we can still help you improve. In the long run though Single plane is advised as it does provide the best results.

No other program gives you the detail, and step by step learning system that our program does.

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The monthly, and yearly memberships include full time support where you can ask questions about the program at any time, and submit videos of your swing for our review. The one time payment option does not include support, but there options for pay as you go support as well. The choice is all yours. Ready to see for yourself? To sign up for our program, just choose one of the options above.


A great video on how to learn anything from Josh Kaufman. Our program fits perfectly with this concept. Please watch the whole video when you have time.


The following video from the author Daniel Coyle of the great book "The Talent Code" about advanced learning methods, and how to practice to bring out your talent. Watch the video and even read the book. He explains how practicing in slow motion greatly increases the rate at which you can learn. Follow our drills in slow motion and you will improve rapidly.



  1. Terry Kelso says:

    It appears that at Impact you are actually kind of slapping the club with your hands. Kind of a back handed slap, is this correct?

    Also, what is the recommended ball position at set up?

    • lgtvadmin says:


      The hands should not be active at all through impact. They should act passively like the end of a whip. The drills should take you in this direction.

      Irons should be played five inches inside the leading heel. Fairway woods at three inches, and the driver at the inside heel. I will be making new videos regarding this and many other topics soon. The plan is to answer many videos such as yours with a video posted as an answer to the question.


  2. LARRY CLARK says:

    thank you sir.

  3. LARRY CLARK says:

    Kirk, you mention the conventional swing and the videos. are there seperate videos for thay? I don’t see any.

    • lgtvadmin says:

      Hi Larry,

      “Improve your swing” is the section that shows the conventional golf swing. The drills are similar, but from a conventional setup and with more body rotation.

  4. LARRY CLARK says:

    no problem on the delay. thank you for both replies. i really enjoy hearing from you. everything you say makes a lot of sense.

  5. Russell Dews says:

    HI Kirk,

    The system really works but i have question. I rotate my arms around my spine on the back swing with no lifting of the arms. Is this correct as my arms are close to parralell with the ground (a bit above) at top of back swiing.

    many thanks

    • lgtvadmin says:

      Hi Russell,

      Yes, the arms move more around the body Some of the turning of the upper torso does lift the club though to get it to shoulder height, or slightly above. Try and match what you see in the videos especially drill number 3.


  6. LARRY CLARK says:


    • LARRY CLARK says:

      I have 2 questions. one is why didn’t you answer the one above?

      the other is, do you know or know about Manuel de la Torre?

      • lgtvadmin says:

        Just saw that other question. Sorry for the delay. Manuel de la Torre is a golf instructor many years ago, and wrote a book about the way he taught. Moe read his book in 2001 and claimed to have changed his swing after reading the book, but there was no difference visible to anybody on video. This was very typical of Moe to fiddle with his already perfect golf swing.


    • lgtvadmin says:

      Yes Larry, the lower body starts slightly before the club starts down. Sorry for the delay in answering, I did not see this question until you mentioned it today.


  7. Mark Mulherin says:

    How do I watch the drills relating to Natural Golf Swing?????

    • lgtvadmin says:

      Hi Mark,

      Not sure if I answered this earlier, or not. The single plane swings are similar to Natural Golf as taught back ten years ago, but somewhat more advanced. You can choose either the single plane swing, or the minimalist single plane golf swing. Please also watch the video on the home page “which swing to choose”.