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Comparison of the easier to learn Setup 4 Impact golf swing with the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing. Important differences that make improvement almost instant.


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Below is Video 1 from my popular Youtube series on learning the Setup 4 Impact Golf swing. This series gives you in-depth info on every part of the golf swing.

Below is a video showing a comparison of the easier to learn Setup 4 Impact Golf swing with the Moe Norman Golf swing which I taught in the past. The important differences help make improvement almost instant for most people. My series of unique drills will help you find your ideal Setup 4 Impact Golf swing.

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Hi Kirk, I can’t tell you how delighted I am to have signed up for your program. When I first heard of Moe and saw the online videos I was fascinated, as I could never get a conventional swing to work for me. I could never be consistent. I was a former professional rugby player and have done many sports and golf frustrated me as I was unable to improve beyond 17-18 handicap. However I feel like the single plane swing is so much more natural and easier for me. It has been a revelation. Last weekend I went to a course and used the swing for the first time in completion. I actually shot an 82 on a par 70 Championship course. I had never broken 90 before in a competition so you can imagine how delighted I am. I was consistently hitting 5 and 6 irons into par 5’s, which is incredible.

What has amazed me has been the ball flight, which is now so straight. My irons are also so high, as I have also had a high trajectory in my swing, but now they just soar through the air. I have also completely eliminated any chance of a slice, my only miss is a pull. The ball never goes right, except very occasionally off to the right in a straight push, but none of the slice ball flight, which is tremendous. I am consistently hitting the driver into the fairway, with significant distance around 280m+ and have never had to hit so many wedges into greens in my life!!! Which is a great thing or course and I hit about 200 balls today just focused on wedge shots. My only issue with wedges is that I occasionally get them a little heavy and take a big divot. I will get some video shortly on that from grass.

I know you will get these types of emails from many people, please appreciate that you have made my life significantly more enjoyable and I am grateful to you for that.

Rod K.

Hi Kirk,
A few days ago I accidentally found you on you tube and watched some of your video's. I have been struggling with my golf game for a very long time. At my peak a few years ago I was a 5 hcp from the blue tee's and although I realize it is common to decline some with age I am now a 15 hcp and golf is just not fun like it used to be. My swing and ball striking has gotten so far off I am just lost and just about to give up the game. After watching the single plane swing video's I was already going to the driving range that day and decided to try your method. After hitting a few balls to warm up I noticed I was striking the ball better than I had in years and the distance I had lost which was about 3 clubs was back. I couldn't believe it. I started cranking the swing up a little and was striking the ball even better and gaining more distance. When I went to a full swing it was the same thing. I was amazed, to say the least. I subscribed to your site and have been watching the video's and practicing the drills. It has been raining here for the past 2 day's, so I haven't been able to take it to the course yet, but I am sure looking forward to my first round with the new swing. I used to win all the bets with my buddies. In fact, they all complained that I win all the time, but that went south, but I think I will be in the winner's circle again with the single plane swing. I am 77 years old.

David Y.


I got on your website last Friday and watched numerous videos. Hit my first bucket of balls with your swing on Saturday. The feeling of sliding the butt of the club along with the knee bend is new. But I can finally feel the right elbow tucked into the body.

Tuesday was golf at Highlands Meadow golf course in Windsor, Co. We started on the back nine and I used a recovery 3 wood off the tee and in the fairway. I hit some of the purist shots I've ever hit, including irons. Nice and straight and effortlessly. I liked the feeling of hitting into the ball and not my typical hitting behind the ball and then the ball. Only 50 years of bad swing mechanics to undo and outside/in swing (think banana slice). Putted and chipped good and shot a 41! Typically, I shoot 45 and above and lately have been more in the higher 40's/low 50's. Fellow golfers were impressed with the new swing. Shot a 48 on the front nine with not so good chipping and putting. Broke 90 for the first time I can remember. The 3 recovery club goes about 200 yards, plus or minus which is just fine for me.

Golf league was on Thursday at SouthRidge Golf Course in Fort Collins, CO. The ugly was I finished triple, double and double. Chipped badly and two putts and a three putt on those last holes. That said, I shot a 44. So only two over after six holes (par 35). I had an 11 handicap going into play. Again, 3 recovery club off the tee and swing held together, but got to over swinging just a bit on the back swing on the last couple of holes. Old habits started to try and get back into the swing. Otherwise another round of excellent shots with all clubs. Next is the three wood off the tee and the driver in a few weeks.

Thanks again for your videos and your effort to teach this swing. I now feel like I know what swing I'm bringing to the course. I'm motivated to keep doing the practice moves and improving. I like the "cutting grass video". It is enjoyable for the first time in many years to look forward to playing golf. I walked down the center of the fairway in these recent rounds probably more than I ever have in my golfing career.

Where were you when I needed you 50 years ago? O' you were likely only a toddler!

Craig F.

Hi Kirk, WOW! I have been watching your videos this morning and decided to go to the range to try it out. Honestly, in the 20 Plus years I am playing I never hit my irons like I did this morning. One after another banged high and straight and far. Every iron, 3 wood everything. And I was hitting so well I got a second bucket and I never go that. My back usually starts barking, but this was effortless. Truly amazing. Ed. R.

Hello Kirk. Joined yesterday the 14th. Watched and practiced the drills, then went to the course and hit an 80 yd PW. The first ball was about 2 ft. left and 8ft short. Next shot, went straight at the pin, about 2ft long and rolled another 4 ft. What a great feeling. All I could think of to say was, 'always straight, every ball straight'. Thanks. earl

Hi Kirk,

I started following your free videos on TouTube last summer and I am elated that I did.

I am 41 years old, born in Nova Scotia Canada and have been playing golf off and on since I was 12.
I was never very good and mostly shot in the mid to high 90s with a bad round being over 100. That went on for years. Occasionally I have a score in the 70s or low 80s but those were few and far between. What frustrated me most was my inconsistency to be able to hit the ball like I knew (thought) I could. On any given day I would lose the ability to hit the ball.

I started down the road to try and improve about 4 years ago. It started with Moe Norman but I couldn't figure it out simply by watching him swing. I did have a little success for a while but I didn't really understand what I was attempting to do. From there I discovered Mike Maves and Secret in the Dirt but still something was missing. I moved on to My Swing Evolution (Christo Garcia) on YouTube where I did learn some very helpful and interesting things. He has rebuilt his golf swing following Ben Hogan. But again inconsistency was an issue for me.

At the beginning of last summer after having 2 months of miserable golf I thought about Moe again. I knew that there was something to his action that felt right.
That's when I found your videos and started implementing the one plane swing. After a short period of adjustment, I had 3 rounds in the 70's in a row with the third being my personal best 74. Then of course winter hit us in Canada and I felt like I was starting all over. I decided to join LearningGolf a few weeks ago and had my issues and questions answered in a few days of watching your videos.

Last weekend I shot a 77 on one of the toughest courses around including an even par 36 on the front 9. I made a dumb double on the 18th hole to shoot that score. I'd blame that mistake on bad decision making not a bad swing.

I send this email as a truly heart felt thank you for helping me find a swing that is repeatable and fun.

My deepest thanks and continued success.

Eric Mc.

Kirk.. I have been working on your minimalist swing since February. After much practice and as the weather warmed and I was able to get outside to the course, I have eliminated the slice which I have had since I was 20. (I am 74). The main habit which was the hardest to break was the habit of trying to lift the ball off of the ground instead of hitting down on the ball and letting the club furnish the lift. I thought that I would share with you what I added to your minimalist setup to aid in this fault. As I set up I first get the grip and stance right, then I make the shift with my hips to the left as I turn my body slightly exactly as you instruct. Then I added one other "shift". The last thing I do before I take my backswing is I move my hands forward to force my hands to start as well as end ahead of the ball. It aims the top of my club always to the outside of my left hip, much the way some pros teach you to chip the ball with your hands forward. The results have been amazing! It is now natural to strike the ball correctly with the divot after the ball.(no more lifting). My distance has increased very well...I am hitting the longest drives ever. (even with a short backswing). My irons distances have completely changed. I now can hit like my partners, though they are much younger than I! I have played steadily for 52 years with a bad slice and no distance in my irons. And I have had to learn to scramble and putt well to break 90! I knew I was close to making a real breakthrough and yesterday, it came! I shot the lowest nine ever ..a 37 which is one over par. On the back I shot a forty with several missed putts which held me back. The 77 was my lowest round in history! I also hit every fairway and 11 greens in regulation. Only one double bogey! All due to adopting your minimalist golf swing! Thank you so much! Your drills have been the key! PS.. you might analyze the hand move I am making and tell me why it has helped so much. Thanks again! Jess H.

Jess H.

My left arm is slightly bent however the results seem ok have never hit balls so well with so little effort- had some balls in the bunker and used your method visualized the lines in the sand and was pleased with results. I have not played for 4 years and flexibility will occur with practice have been doing drills in the kitchen in between cooking and am getting on well.

Your teaching is better than anything I have come across have tried Little Moe in the past but your simplistic approach is much better and the Mirror image which I looked at today gives you a clearer understanding of the movements of the body and the mechanics of the swing. I hope you have lots of customers am recommending your site to my friends and anybody who I meet who plays golf. My back which has been a problem seems to be coping. I think the one plain swing is better for the back perhaps. Ian N. UK.

Ian N. UK

My Son and I have been following your drills and doing them almost religiously for the past few months. Only fifteen minutes per day, but we have both seen great improvement lately. He just qualified for his highschool team as the third ranked player. Last year he was tenth, and only got to play on the JV team. He is so excited. We also have saved a small fortune on lessons. Thank you for creating this system!!!

Randy R. Iowa

Just started at your website last month and have to say that I am impressed with how easy it is to do the drills following along with you on the video. At first it was not so easy to make the movements in the drills, but now after having done the drills many times I can copy everything you show. I also finally feel like I can swing like a pro, which I never thought was even possible. My shots are already improving on the golf course as well. I recommend this to all my friends!

Alvin G. Texas

Learninggolf.tv has made an unbelievable change in my golf game. I never had much time to practice before, because by the time I got to the golf course, and got setup to practice it already took me a half hour and I had not even hit a shot yet. Now I just login to the website, and follow along with the videos doing drills 1 through 5 ten times in slow motion. I am done practicing in less than twenty minutes. When I go out to play I no longer have to think about how I should swing. I just get up and swing, and hit the ball better than I ever have. This website is a real miracle for me. THANKS!!

Barry, G. Florida